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As the Stripers Arrive, Don’t Forget About the Trout!

Garet Suomala

Guest Contributor

Hey MFCC, Garet Suomala here again with another fishy story. This story is about my latest day of trout fishing from the row boat, back on April 24th.

The day started of like any other day.  I worked until 11am at T.J. Maxx, got the bus home, then at a little past noon Ryan picked me up for another fishing adventure. 

We did not get right to fishing that day, and instead had to stop at the Goose Hummuck in Orleans first to get some gear.  This was the first time I met Ian Bragdon of Team Goose!


This was also the first time I met Phil, the owner of the Goose Hummock, which was a bonus.  Along with gear, we also had to get out fishing licenses, because you can't fish without them.

After a quick lunch at the knack in Orleans, we finally got to the pond shown below.  

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What a beautiful place!  I had never been before.

Ryan rowed us out to the fishing grounds and we started to wet some lines.  

We were minding our business when all these little bugs started to come all around us.  Ryan told me they where Midge Flies, but they don't bite, they're just an annoyance. 

It was a productive day. I did get a nibble here and there but no action for me.  Ryan on the other hand had all the luck with 3 our 4 trout caught on a 2.5 inch long swimming lure.  

One thing I learned that day is that trout have very delicate mouths which bleed a lot from the hook.

While we were out there the water was like glass the whole day, it was such a tranquil time.  We fished for maybe three or four hours, I can't remember though - time just goes by so slowly when you're on the water, which is a very good thing.  

But as with everything, every good thing has to come to an end. After our fishing I asked Ryan if I could row us back to shore, and I was happy I did not struggle so much this time getting us back.

So their you have it. Another fish tail by yours truly.  

Until next time. Take care! 🎣

  1. Great report Garet! It’s nice just being out on the water. Catching fish is just a bonus.

    1. Thank you Ryan

  2. Great report Garet! And……..We love the KNACK!

    1. I am glad you like the Knack too Leslie.

  3. You might be rowing in the next Olympics. Keep at it.

    1. Well Thank you Jake

  4. Great story Garet!
    Glad you had a good time! Keep the reports coming!!

    1. I had an awesome time. And I will keep the reports coming.


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