July 3 2022

CoolerClips™ July 4th Giveaway!


Giveaway closed! Congratulations to our winner, 4 year My Fishing Cape Cod member Neville Anthony.

So far this summer we've been hosting one giveaway per week here on myfishingcapecod.com. Last week we gave away a Shimano Tranx baitcasting reel and an assortment of freshwater lures. I'm happy to announce that third year MFCC member Kevin Malloy of Needham, MA won that prize!

Today I'm once again partnering up with Darren Slattery of CoolerClips™, to provide members and fans of My Fishing Cape Cod a chance to win a $100 gift certificates for Darren's innovative new products, which now include a YETI LoadOut bucket with fishing rod holders!

Get Entered To Win!

To enter today's giveaway for a $100 CoolerClips™ gift certificate, simply leave a comment below. I will randomly draw the winner one week from today on July 10th.

Like many of us, Darren is an enthusiastic fisherman who was introduced to me through another member of My Fishing Cape Cod.

From tinkering around in his dad's garage as a kid, to doing his own home remodels, these two backgrounds have fostered an entrepreneurial spirit in Darren to provide a range of products to make his customer's adventures more convenient, customizable and just plain cool!

As a kid growing up in Florida, Darren would spend his weekends at the beach. From early morning fishing to flashlight tag at night.

Like many of us at My Fishing Cape Cod, Darren (and his friends) have always loved weekends at the beach!

However, because Darren spent so much time at the beach, he was constantly working out of his cooler, which created some problems. For example, if you wanted to pour a drink or make a sandwich, then you would have to clear off the top of the cooler, put things all over the place, open the cooler, grab what you needed, and then rearrange everything back on top of the cooler.

As an adult with his own kids, Darren experienced the same issues. Finally he decided to design a way to make his coolers more functional, convenient, and easy to use. By simply fastening a plastic shelf to a clip that inserted into the tie down hole of his cooler, Darren created a place to pour and rest drinks, mix cocktails, and make sandwiches.

Darren's accessories fit many hard and soft coolers. He offers fit guides on his website to help customers find the right products for their coolers.

After using and showing it off, Darren's friends said that he should provide these for everybody, so that's what he's doing. Darren is personally making his products by hand, and all of the components are made in the USA.

His products at coolerclips.com connect to your cooler for attaching accessories. These products attach to hard and soft coolers, of most brands, and immediately create a convenient platform for slide-on cupholders, cutting boards and table boards. 

To enter this giveaway for a $100 CoolerClips™ gift certificate, simply leave a comment below. We will randomly draw the winner on July 10th and post the winner's name to the top of this blog post.

Giveaway closed! Congratulations to our winner, 4 year My Fishing Cape Cod member Neville Anthony.

Tight lines and good luck! 🎣

  • Fishing family of 4 from Maryland here 🙂 We vacation in Cape Cod in the summer and we haul lots of fishing gear to the beach, we want to take it all but we don’t want to carry it all! This is great!!!

  • How fortunate we are to be here on the Cape and have access to this great fishery! Brings peace of mind given all that is going on in the world.

  • i have learned a lot about fishing since i started following you guys a couple of years ago.

  • Hi Ryan, finally found my way back on the site! This Yeti bucket and accessories would be a nice addition to my gear! Thanks for the opportunity!

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