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Fishing the Town of Mashpee

Ryan Collins

My connection to the town of Mashpee began when I was a kid playing sports. Throughout elementary school, middle school and high school, my sports teams would travel to Mashpee and face-off in baseball and basketball games.

Back then I wasn’t able to drive myself around, so any fishing I did in Mashpee would rely on a car ride from my dad. Fortunately I was pretty good at convincing him that the 30 minute drive from my childhood home in Bourne was worth the effort.

Sometimes all that effort pad off big. I remember one afternoon in particular when the bluefish were running in the surf at South Cape Beach. My dad and I arrived just as the blitz was getting started, and we enjoyed nonstop action until sunset, sometimes catching two bluefish on the same plug. It was that good!


Once I reached the age of 16 and was able to get my driver’s license, I would occasionally find myself making the trek to Mashpee during the spring and again in the fall. My target species early on was striped bass and big bluefish, but I soon learned that Mashpee had other fishing options as well.

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  1. This was a great article Ryan, This is my area and I tend to fish in our out of here most of the time. Your advice sounds spot on from my experience, and you mentioned some patterns I hadn’t noticed yet so that’s always a help. The Sea Robins have been pretty thick off of SCB lately, as steve mentions, Sea Bass produced very well nearshore last year. Two or three years ago I pulled in a 26″ holdover in April (it was a wonder full shock) from shore in Waquoit. I would mention that for the family fishermen with a boat both Waquoit and Popponesset Bay feature wonderful Islands you can drop off your family or beach your boat and spend the day fishing in the currents by the inlets in each bay; It’s a great way to spend an afternoon.

    If anyone wants any advice fishing this area feel free to PM me.

    1. Great advice and tips Alain!

      Thanks for chiming in.

  2. Thanks Ryan.. I believe you know I am close by this area (for about 3 years now)… but only really started putting the time in last year. I had a great fall and look forward to trying a few different spots this spring.

    Really had to start keeping a log – because I find that there is a definite pattern to what is where month to month.

    Also, I know it’s probably not so exciting, but the sea robin swarms are insane in the area in late May and early June… great for the kids because you really can’t miss.. also fun on the fly.

    Very nice job Ryan!

    1. I have been hearing more and more about those sea robin swarms. Wild!

      Sounds like you are really getting a handle on the saltwater scene Steve, with keeping a log etc. I am sure your success rate will go way up.

      As always I’ll be looking forward to hearing how things go for you during 2018!

  3. No better way to greet the new season from shore for me. I fish both South Cape Beach and wade off Oregon Beach in early spring. Recent construction of sand wall at South Cape blocks the view from pkg lot if my wife comes along to watch the show, but still great fishing.

    1. Oh wow I did not know the new sand wall blocks the view from the parking lot. I used to enjoy sipping an iced coffee in my truck and watching the view!

  4. Ryan, is there any good public parking for Popponesset Bay that you’d recommend? I’m looking for some place I could park and launch a kayak. I looked on google maps but didn’t see obvious lots.

    1. Yes Chris I know the perfect spot.

      Could you send me an email when you get the chance? I will send you a Google Map.

  5. Love this article post Ryan. I fished the opening from Waquiot back in early October it was one of my best days ever on the water. I got to the opening in the dark about an hour before sunrise an it was cold and windy. But I didn’t let that deter me even as I walked out to the jetty which took me a lot longer than I expected probably a good 30 minutes lugging a pack full of gear and 2 rods. Anyway I ended up catching a few schoolies and bluefish at sunset on the slack high tide and the turn. Then about an hour later when I thought things had calmed down the albies started to break up and down the jetty chasing rain bait. I had never had success with these “finicky” guys. I took your guys advice from the podcast and just kept casting ahead and behind them. Sure enough I hooked up and was able to land one on a 3/4 oz crippled herring mackerel pattern. I kept fishing all morning and love going there had a few more really good days fishing for schoolies off my buddy’s boat. It’s a great spot if your willing to do the foot work to get to the opening or happen to know someone with a boat. Again nice blog post keep up the good work.

    1. That is a terrific morning Nathan! Catching bass, blues and albies from shore all in one trip is epic!

      Thanks for sharing your experience.


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