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“Freshwater Bass Fishing On Cape Cod” Is Now Live

new hampshire largemouth bass

Ryan Collins

Another episode from season 1 of My Fishing Cape Cod TV is now live here on the website! In this episode I am fishing a local pond from shore for bass and pickerel.

This episode is a good example of "simple fishing" for pure enjoyment and relaxation. Fishing a pond from shore is also how many of us got started fishing.

This episode is now available for members of My Fishing Cape Cod to view. If you are a member, simply click the link below to start watching now.


I hope you enjoy this episode. Please keep  me posted with what you think, and have a great weekend.

Tight lines! 🎣

  1. Excellent! When I was fishing/wading this past Fall one of those spinner baits got snagged on my wading boot. I had no idea what it was! Now I do! Thanks!

    1. LOL, great! Those spinnerbaits work very well. 🎣


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