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Big Striped Bass From The Hobie Kayak

I had a terrific time during my first ever Hobie kayak fishing experience earlier this month. I caught a big bluefish and small striped bass during that inaugural trip.

Since then I've been chomping at the bit to hook into a big striper from the Hobie yak. Luckily for me that is exactly what happened during this Cape Cod kayak fishing expedition!

Big Bass Takes Me On A Nantucket Sleighride

I knew there could be big bass feeding around this underwater rock pile, and I figured the kayak would be the perfect tool for positioning me in the exact right spot.

I dropped my line back behind the yak and began peddling forward. 2 minutes into fishing and I had a massive bite. I turned towards the fish and set the hook with everything I had.

Fish on!

hobie kayak striper fishing cape cod

Sometimes I go 2 days without a bite...during this trip it only took 2 minutes!

As soon as I felt the weight on the rod I knew this bass was a good one. The kayak lurched forward as the big bass began taking me on a Nantucket Sleighride.

Hobie kayak striped bass fishing on cape cod

Battling a big bass from the Hobie is so much fun.

"This is pretty awesome" is what I recall thinking to myself as I was tugged along by the fish.

If the bass turned left, then I went left with him. If the bass made a move to the right, then I went to the right as well.

kayak fishing on cape cod striped bass

At times this keeper-size bass pulled me around in circles.

There was no engine noise either-just complete silence.

Minus of course the reel's drag and the waves lapping against the side of the yak.

This was a completely different experience contrasted to fighting a bass of this size from my 21 foot boat.

The Bite & The Fight ON VIDEO

After a very good fight, which lasted close to 10 minutes, I had the bass straight up and down beneath the kayak.

At this moment I could really feel the weight of the fish, and I was pleasantly surprised at how sturdy the kayak was-despite the fish pulling with all her might.

Watch the short video clip below to get a sense of what fighting a big bass from a Hobie kayak is all about.

That Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg...

After landing that fish I got right back to work. Odds are where there's one big bass, there are many more.

I pedaled my way back towards the underwater rock pile where I picked off that first bass. It was tough going straight into the wind and chop, and I got  a little wet, but made it back to the spot quicker than I thought I would.

I set my line just as I had before. Next I began slowly pedalling the kayak forward and BAM! 

I was on again, except this fish was much larger than the first.

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hobie kayak striped bass fishing cape cod

by Ryan Collins

I'm fortunate to have grown up on the beach, and I've been fishing since kindergarten. I have great family, friends and fishing experiences to be thankful for. Just being out there is enough-catching fish is just a bonus!