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A Memorable Week Of Fishing With Members | June 12 Fishing Report

Ryan Collins

Over the past seven days I've fished with ten members of My Fishing Cape Cod. All of these trips have had the same goal - to catch fish and to learn about specific techniques and areas.

These trips are part of the limited number of custom guided trips I am offering this season to My Fishing Cape Cod members. These trips are a great opportunity to not just catch fish, but to also learn about different techniques and areas.

This weekend I had an amazing beach fishing trip with 15 year old Adam Walton and his granddad Rich. Adam caught his first ever "keeper" and the largest fish of his life!


However we'll get to that trip later on in this post. For now lets start with my first trip of the past 7 days, which began Wednesday evening June 6th.

Wednesday Evening With Chris Rhoads & Dan Winkler

At 4:00pm Wednesday evening I met with My Fishing Cape Cod members Dan Winkler and Chris Rhoads, at the beach shown in the map below.