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Yellow Perch vs Live Shiner!

So far this summer, I've been spending most of my fishing time in the salt. I've been fortunate to catch some nice stripers, bluefish and tuna. It's been fun!

However, freshwater fishing is still an option right now.

Over the weekend I was going through freshwater footage from this past spring, and I came across this footage of a live shiner doing everything in its power to avoid being eaten by a yellow perch!


Please click play below to watch ?

Yesterday I went out fishing with MFCC member Eddy Kooyomijian and his brother Mark. During yesterday's trip we fished the shoals off Monomoy, and I was able to capture more underwater footage.

Stay tuned as I hope to share some more new underwater videos of the Monomoy Rips, as well as new footage of striped bass, bluefish and fluke attacking lures. 

Tight lines! ?

What do you think?

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  1. Cape Cod yellow perch are a lot of fun. Had a great summer catching and releasing them in August. Beautiful and healthy looking. Can’t wait to get back with my son Ben.

    1. That’ awesome Eddie. Freshwater fishing is a relaxing and fun time, especially when fishing with friends and family. I’m glad the yellow perch are cooperating for you guys!

  2. Another example of how predators always go for the head!

    1. That’s correct Dex! Good observation.

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