May 28

New Environmentally-Friendly Plug Giveaway!


Ryan Collins

Poombah Plugs is on a mission to help eliminate plastic and other toxic elements, by constructing their lures out of environmentally materials. Their packaging is also biodegradable. 

The mission of Poombah Plugs is to lead in the production of quality lures using materials that will have less of a harmful impact on our oceans and marine life.

I'd like to preface this giveaway by saying I am not sponsored by Poombah Plugs - I just really like their mission statement!

Today I'd like to share their mission by launching a new Poombah Plugs giveaway here on My Fishing Cape Cod.


Comment Below To Enter This Giveaway! ?

Personally, I feel it's more important now than ever before, for us anglers to think about ways we can reduce plastic, and our impact on the ocean.

Environmentally friendly lures are not going to solve all the world's environmental problems, but at least it's a step in the right direction! ??

Giveaway Closed! Congrats to the MFCC members who won! Michael Colman and Bob Winterbottom.

Next weekend I will randomly select 2 winners from the members who leave a comment below. The winners will each receive 2 free Poombah pencil poppers.

Tight lines and good luck! ?

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About the author 

Ryan Collins

I'm fortunate to have grown up on the beach, and I've been fishing since kindergarten. I have great family, friends and fishing experiences to be thankful for. Just being out there is enough-catching fish is just a bonus!

  • Just like the old days .Nice idea and they look really good . Well back for one more year Ryan at 73 glad to be here .Hope I catch more but have always loved to fish .

    • It’s great to have you here James! At 73 years young I have a feeling you will catch some good fish this year. My dad just turned 70 and I know he is hoping for a tuna this summer. Keep in touch and let us know how your season is going! Make sure to say hello to the guys in the forum when you get the chance. ?

  • great idea. As an assistant scoutmaster and a fishing merit badge counselor, this is something that I would share with the scouts and encourage them to look at these as a step by a manufacturer to help with the environment and to support the outdoor code.

  • Love the concept of these environmentally friendly plugs! I’ve been fishing for a long time and hate seeing trash in our waters. It’s about time we start thinking and caring about our environment, especially if we want to have fish in our waters to catch in the future. I would love to win this prize and try out these plugs!

  • New to MFCC but have been going to P’town for about 5 yrs now. Decided to try fishing the salt water as I love to fish. No luck yet but keep trying. I too try and recycle as much as possible as I am a wastewater operator, taking what no-one wants and making it better than the water it goes back into. I also recycle the bio-solids to a class I product safe for yards and gardens. I really like this idea of making things better for the next generations one small step by all.

  • Looks like a great idea and a great looking plug. I throw nothing but plugs and buck tails mostly from my Hobbies.

  • I’d be most appreciative to try fishing one of these new “green” friendly lures, and, feel even better about being a fisherman. Great idea long overdue! Thank you.
    Larry Weisman

  • Nice lures Hope they were made from recycled six pack rings hate those things. I fish the canal and bring a kitchen trash bag along always manage to find trash along the way. Love that place to much to have it looking ghetto.

    Capt. Jery

  • I am tired hearing about the “plastic dump”I have started recycling ALL of my plastic for my grandchildren’s future

  • I inherited some old school wood plugs last season and loved them. I would love the win the next generation.
    Thank you for caring about the environment.

  • I grew up before plastic was a big deal it’s nice to see us getting back to materials that don’t have such an environmental impact

  • Great idea. I’ve been using circle hooks and also singling down my treble hooks for a more “safer” catch and release

  • Great name and message. Makes me wonder about what other plug and lure makers are doing to help (or hurt) the environment.

  • Nice offer Ryan. I personally appreciate that the the general tone of the MFCC community is considerate of the environment that we live in and the fishery that love. Plastic in the oceans are a major problem that we all should be aware of.
    PS; if I win you can keep the treble hooks, I’ll put my own singles on the lure!!

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