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Fly Fishing For Stripers On Cape Cod Remains Productive

Ryan Collins

So far this season I've had great luck on the fly rod. Fly fishing Cape Cod this spring for striped bass has been a ton of fun!

All my life I used spinning gear, but so far this year most of the stripers I've caught have been hooked on a 9 weight fly rod.

For me, catching stripers on the fly requires much more concentration, technique and skill, than spinning tackle. 


Beginner Fly Fishing Gear & Tackle

The following video was filmed last week, about 48 hours before the start of the intensely popular Cheeky Fly Fishing Tournament.

In this video I'll share with you a very simple way to start catching striped bass on Cape Cod using fly gear. I'll also show you the gear and a simple fly that works well throughout the Cape region.

I feel the equipment and fly I'm using in this video are great choices for anyone interested in getting into fly fishing Cape Cod for striped bass.

Click here to access a map of the general area where this video was filmed.


  • 0:28 - introduction to my new fly fishing equipment and different spools of fly line
  • 1:12 - underwater video of the fly I am using
  • 2:00 - striper on first cast!
  • 2:58 - some words about tide, current and safety, and some more tips about the fly and presentation

Equipment used in this video:

Tight lines! 🎣

What do you think?

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  1. Hello Ryan, I found your site via Google and really enjoy it. My father is an experienced fly fisher and I am a beginner. We are in Cotuit and looking for places to fish nearby. I would appreciate your recommendations. Happy to subscribe to learn more. Thanks in advance! Lisa

    1. Hey Lisa! πŸ‘‹πŸ»

      I’m glad you found the site and are enjoying MFCC! Cotuit is a wonderful area with lots of great fly fishing spots nearby.

      I regularly provide advice and tips to members of My Fishing Cape Cod, so please send me a message at once you join up and I’d be happy to share some areas etc. πŸ‘πŸ»

      Tight lines and Happy 4th!

  2. Ian at the Goose really has a passion for fly fishing. Went up there today and he gave me quite a few tips on things to tie and gave some very good advice on what I had already tied up. The only place I can think of on the cape left with quality fly fishing guys.

  3. I’m new to salt water fly rodding, and only here on the cape (Brewster) until 6/7. I have a 9′ 9 weight, and am dying to try it out. Anyone willing to help a newbie from Kentucky?

    1. Hey Benjamin πŸ‘‹ I think that rod will work just fine for stripers here on Cape.

      Quickest way to get on fish in a short period of time would be to swing into the Goose Hummock Shop in Orleans, which is right down the road from where you are in Brewster.

      Tell them Ryan from My Fishing Cape Cod sent you, and they can hook you up with some flies that will work well, and can also point you to a few good spots to try. ✌🏻

  4. You have a new stripping basket!
    Looks much more professional. 😊

    1. I used the stripping basket you gave me for a couple of years, but last year I dropped it on some rocks and it cracked.This spring I purchased Linekurv stripping basket and so far so good!

      I can’t imagine NOT having a stripping basket when fishing an area with a lot of current, like the spot in this video.

      1. I used your link to look at the Linekurv basket. Do you find that the cones make a difference in preventing line tangles? Also how do you like the elastic belt compared to a non stretch belt? Does the basket move down as you walk?

  5. Ryan,

    I live in Oklahoma and will be coming to Cape Cod on July 20th to stay a week. We will be trying to catch stripers and plan to fish the canal and the beaches. We are staying by Ellisville state park and I was wondering if it was good beach fishing around there? I would be happy to subscribe to your website if I need to. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    1. Hey Kevin πŸ‘‹ Thanks for reaching out. Sounds like you have a nice little vacation planned!

      I am very familiar with where you are staying. If you’d like to join as a member then I would be happy to provide you with some tips and advice for your stay.

      Just drop me an email at after you signup and we can discuss your trip in greater detail.

      Tight lines Kevin! 🎣

  6. I knew we’d get you on the fly eventually and regularly.

    1. It’s happening quicker than expected!

  7. Next up- a 2 hander…. 😎

    1. If it will give me extra casting distance, then I would happily give it a try!

  8. Cool! Nice little video, beautiful morning to fish!

    1. It was a gorgeous morning for sure. Hoping for plenty more like it this season!


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