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Surfcasting Ft. Lauderdale | What I’ve Learned So Far

Ryan Collins

"Sir, you know you cannot fish here, right?" is what I heard coming from behind my left shoulder. I turned around to see a cute little old lady, who was quite adamant about enforcing the local fishing laws.

Apparently fishing from the beach here in Fort Lauderdale is only allowed before 8AM and after 6PM.

I'm not one to make a scene (especially when it involves little old ladies) so I kindly reeled in my lure and told her that I prefer fishing at night anyways, and would return later on in the evening.


Laws such as this tend to exist in densely populated areas like Ft. Lauderdale Beach. Wherever there are resorts and big private homes on the beach, you will most likely deal with some red tape, at least here in America.

In Costa Rica however the situation is quite different. The entire shoreline is public-owned, and you are free to fish, build a fire, camp, or do pretty much whatever you'd like to do. 

Nevertheless I am having a lot of fun casting from shore here in Fort Lauderdale, and this morning I even managed to catch us lunch! 

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  1. I fished Fort Lauderdale beach in April 2017 – I caught Jack Crevalle of similar size using a Guppy Lures topwater plug – hit the plug about 10 ft off the beach right in the trough. Fun fishing with a light weight travel rod.

    Enjoy the rest of your stay!!

    1. Nice Robert! Jacks are always a lot of fun.

      Also, I hear Ft. Lauderdale beach can be lights out during the mullet run, which I think happens during late September/early October.

      Might be worth a trip back.

  2. My wife is a little old lady who likes to fish.

    1. But she wouldn’t yell at that fisherman!

      1. Just at me.

        1. Yeah that’s accurate 😉


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