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Surfcasting Ft. Lauderdale Beach During The Winter

Ryan Collins

Currently I am in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, visiting with my in-laws, working remotely on the computer and fishing in between. 

I came here with no big expectations fishing-wise, but after having some success this afternoon, I am feeling much more inspired and motivated to fish the surf. 

My first-ever Florida surfcasting adventure began today at 3PM, when I walked out of our AirBnB house, crossed a highway and walked several hundred more yards to Fort Lauderdale beach. 


The first thing that struck me was the high-rise hotels and large homes that bordered the ocean. You certainly won't find hotels like this back home on Cape Cod!

It actually reminded me of this past November when I attempted to surfcast Myrtle Beach

The beach here looked promising though, with terns and seagulls working bait in the waves. The water was warm and I decided to get my feet wet in an effort to increase my casting distance. 

Despite the three or four birds working bait above the waves, I was honestly not expecting much as I made my second cast of the trip. However, fish always seem to bite when you are least expecting it. 

Suddenly I felt a solid thud on the end of my line, and to my disbelief, 30 pound braid began peeling off my Van Staal VR150. Not only had I hooked a fish, but it was a decent one at that!

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  1. Watch out for blacktips lol, this time of year they migrate by the thousands to the palm beach/ft lauderdale area.

    1. That video is incredible!

      Would LOVE to come across something like that.

    2. Holy cra…! That video is insane. Sounds like you need to pull a guppy pencil out Ryan and hop to it! ;p

      What would leader would one typically use for a meat grinder that size?

      Have fun!

      1. I’d say a 100-200lb wire leader would work just fine I would think.

    3. I was just chatting with a guy at a bait shop here in town, and he said the mullet run happens during the fall. He also told me that ladyfish make great live and dead bait for tarpon – wish I kept that ladyfish!


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