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There’s a New Weekly Summer Recipe Series Starting Next Week!

Lauren Collins

After my rise to fame on this past season of MFCC TV, it has come to my attention that it is my duty to give the public what it wants...more cooking your catch recipes!

I'm kidding, I am not famous, but I am excited to share with you 22 new ways to cook your catch this season, every Sunday starting next week through the end of September!

Starting next Sunday, April 28, there will be a new recipe posted each week on the blog, giving you new ways to cook your catch or how to use locally sourced shellfish and other types of fish.  

I've been having a lot of fun writing up these recipes, and Ryan has very much enjoyed the taste testing portion of this project too!  Each recipe was created to be easy and with not a lot of ingredients...because no one wants to attempt a 30-ingredient recipe!

All of these recipes are either my very own, inspired by dishes I've had while traveling, or some variation of a dish my Mom would make me growing up.  I really hope you enjoy them!

Here's a breakdown of just a few of the recipes to look forward to this coming season.


Haddock Florentine

Hands down this has been my favorite recipe to date, simply because it is so easy to make, tastes like something you would order from the Fishermen's View Restaurant, and requires little ingredients, most of which you probably already have.

The sauce is creamy and flavorful and very versatile too - you could use this sauce for chicken or shrimp too.  

Linguine alle Vongole

This is a classic Italian dish, otherwise known as linguine with clam sauce.  As with most Italian dishes, this uses simple ingredients and takes about 20 minutes to throw together.  

I grew up on vongole sauce as a kid, and remember my Mom serving crusty bread to sop up all that wonderful sauce.  Just thinking about this dish makes me hungry!

Sweet Chili Scallops with Collards and Bacon

Collards are a big deal down south, and as much as I love them, I'm not sure if many other New Englanders really know about them, which is partly why I made this dish for you, but also because I'm selfish and I simply love collards (and bacon).

Traditional collard recipes can take hours to cook, but this recipe reduces it to just 30 minutes, and mixed with Carolina gold rice and bacon, you honestly can't go wrong, especially when paired with sweet and delicious sea scallops.  

This dish is inspired by one of my favorite restaurants in South Carolina that has now closed, but the cravings will never end.  

Tuna Poke Bowls

This recipe will be posted later in the summer, and is a great meal option that doesn't require any actual cooking.  This is perfect with freshly caught yellowfin or bluefin tuna, and even if you're not a tuna fisherman, you can always pick up sushi-grade tuna from places like the Fishermen's View Fish Market in Sandwich.

This poke bowl features one of my favorite additions, Kung Pao Broccoli, along with fresh island-inspired ingredients and a simple marinade for the tuna.  You could also use salmon for this dish, or even cooked shrimp.

Halibut Ceviche

Ceviche is my go-to dish to order when on vacation, and a really healthy and fresh way to enjoy fresh fish.

Ceviche is fish that has been cooked in the acidic juices from limes and lemons rather than with heat, then tossed together with fresh fruits, veggies and cilantro.  My favorite way to serve them is with fried plantains, also known as patacones.  In different parts of the world, ceviche is made and served differently, but this is my favorite so far!  

Most ceviches you order in restaurants are made with mahi, however halibut is another really great fish to enjoy as a ceviche, and a great way to cook your local catch here on Cape Cod.  

Stuffed Quahogs

I can remember when Ryan and I first started dating, and we were going to a beach BBQ and needed to bring something, so he went clamming and made a similar version of these stuffed clams.  They tasted wonderful...but they were full of sand!  It's funny to think back to that BBQ, and that's what for does to me, it always brings me back to a memory.  This version of stuffed clams is a little bulkier, less sandy, a little bit spicy and very delicious.  

Along with this recipe, Ryan will be sharing an in-depth video for those interested in learning the whole process of getting the clams to shucking them to creating this dish.

And so much more!

Stay tuned for more delicious recipes this season such as Asian Fish Burgers, Italian Seafood Salad, Lobster Mac & Cheese, Tautog with Creamy Tomatoes and Fried Okra, Bacon Wrapped Shrimp with Tequila-Lime Sauce, Spicy Tuna Burgers with Savor Sticky Sauce, Smoked Bluefish Burritos, Prosciutto Wrapped Cod with Lemon-Rosemary Sauce (pictured below), and so many more!

I'd also love to hear suggestions from you as to what kinds of recipes you are hoping to see this season, so please comment below and let me know! 🙂

Keep an eye out for the first recipe as part of the weekly summer recipe series will be available next week on April 28.

Happy cooking!

What do you think?

Let me know by commenting below.

  1. Lauren that’s awsome your going have a taste testing every week ,LOL
    I’m only kidding everyone…..Unfortunately
    You have to admit it does sound great !! Can’t wait it all looks awesome already.

    1. haha yes that would be nice!

  2. Ryan is not only a great person, so is his wife ! Love to cook and looking forward to your recipes.

    1. Thank you so much Muriel!

  3. Congratulations Lauren this was long overdue!!

    1. Thanks so much Joe! I’m looking forward to it!

  4. really looking forward to this – always looking for more interesting ideas, beyond the old throw some butter and oil on it and throw it on the grill!

    1. Thanks so much Tim! I hope you enjoy them!

  5. Please keep the recipes coming! They look great and I cannot wait to cook them this summer! Thank you!

    1. Thank you!! I hope you enjoy them!

  6. When Betsy and I were at this amazing restaurant in Avignon, I ordered Ceviche because I learned about it from one of your recipes. It had wasabi in it and was spectacular both visually and taste wise. I remember texting a photo of it to you and Ryan. I have had Ceviche several times at FV and Legals as well as making it at home with your recipe. One of my favorites!

    1. Yes there are so many different types of ceviche, depending on where it comes from – they’re all so yummy! This one will just be a very simple recipe to get people started with ceviche, but I do plan to post some other ceviche recipes in the future too!

  7. Looking forward to it!

    1. Thank you!

  8. Hey Lauren! you ARE famous! I have to get your autograph on something! A napkin? a wooden spoon? I love your addition to MFCC, the recipes look great! I always look forward to your blogs. Looking forward to the recipes! Thanks

    1. Haha!! Thanks so much for your support Leslie!!! I’m so excited to be starting this new series, I hope you try some of the recipes!!

  9. Lauren, it was a pleasure meeting and speaking to you about your culinary expertise and your aspirations at the MSBA show. You have posted here some great recipes that I intend to try. I am sure as will many other members agree that this will be a welcome segment to the the site. Best of luck with your new venture.

    1. Gary it was so nice to meet you too! Thank you so much for your kind words, and I am excited to share some new recipes with everyone! 🙂

  10. Lauren,
    These recipes look fantastic! You and Garret are becoming quite the internet stars. Your public demands more!

    1. Thanks Dex! I know you’re quite the cook too, so let me know what you think of the recipes when they start coming out!

  11. Outstanding! … looking forward to amazing recipes

    1. Thanks Jeff! I’m looking forward to a full summer of recipe taste-testing! (so is Ryan!)


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