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Fishing The Cape Cod Canal During Winter


Most everyone knows that the Cape Cod Canal is a good place to target fish during the warm months. However fish like cod, whiting and pollack do inhabit the Cape during the winter. Could it be possible to catch a few of these fish right now at the Big Ditch?

Recently I decided to bundle up and give the Canal a shot, despite the wintry temperatures.

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Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report for October 9th

cape cod canal fishing report

Cape Cod Canal fishing can be off the charts good, or dry as a desert at this point in the season. October can be a fickle month for sure, as schools of fish migrate south along the coastline and through the Cape Cod Canal into Buzzard’s Bay. [click to continue…]

Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report | Week of 9/24

It’s fall on Cape Cod, which means striped bass are en route to warmer waters. Striped bass from as far as Maine are now moving south along the New England coastline towards our local bays, beaches, harbors and estuaries.

Some of these bass will take a left and migrate around the legendary backside beaches of Cape Cod. However other schools of fish will take a “shortcut” straight through the Cape Cod Canal into Buzzards Bay.

It is tough to say exactly when large schools of stripers will push through the Big Ditch. Bass are notoriously difficult to predict.

Yet there is no arguing the fact that somewhere out there is a biomass of thousands of bass, heading directly for the Canal.

In this update we’ll talk about the past couple of weeks of fishing at the Canal. We’ll also touch on the week ahead, what to expect and how to make the most of what will hopefully be a great fall run.

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Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report

cape cod canal fishing report july 25

This report is a bit out-dated. Click here for the latest Cape Cod Canal fishing report.

The rain was whipping and the wind was howling in my face as I pedaled my 1980′s bicycle down the Cape Cod Canal’s service road. I had heard rumors of decent size striped bass recently being caught in the Big Ditch, so I felt motivated despite the difficult weather conditions. Fish of course, do not care much about the rain.

It was just about dead low tide and the current would switch to the east at any moment. As I pedaled down the bike path I noticed boulders and rocks that are usually covered with water. The recent full moon created big minus tides, which revealed areas of the Canal not often seen with the naked eye.

The air smelt fishy and I had a good feeling about what I may encounter.

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Cape Cod Fishing Report July 23-25


As I write this Cape Cod fishing report the wind is howling at close to 30 mph from the northeast. This morning I drove by the Sandwich Marina, after fishing the Cape Cod Canal, and there was not a single truck and trailer in the parking lot. My guess is the 3-5 foot waves have scared most fishermen, including myself, from trying to fish Cape Cod Bay, Buzzards’ Bay, east of Chatham and just about everywhere else.

Yet before the blow the striped bass fishing on Cape Cod was pretty good. In this past week’s podcast we talked about how finicky Cape Cod striped bass can be during late July, and while I encountered plenty of finicky stripers this week, I also found some much more aggressive fish. The bite for me was slightly better than the week before with my largest striped bass of the week tipping the scales at 36 pounds.

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18 Hours at the Cape Cod Canal | July 10-12

cape cod canal fishing report july 12

Most Cape Cod Canal fishing reports are saying that the fishing has been very hit and miss. Therefore, renewed motivation is the best way of describing what I felt after hearing a Cape Cod Canal fishing report about a buddy’s 40 pound striped bass. Needless to say, the good news of a big Canal striper was a much needed boost to my morale.

Right then and there I decided to forgo just about everything I had planned and instead fish the canal hard. Fortunately I had a nice window in my life schedule to allow such an excursion. The weather, at least for the evenings, was looking good too.

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Little Known Ways to Catch Big Bass at the Cape Cod Canal during July

fishing the cape cod canal at night july

Click here for the latest Cape Cod Canal fishing report.

Seven years ago this July Fourth I was a 20 year old kid with a big decision to make. Should I go to the Plymouth waterfront and watch the fireworks, or fish the Cape Cod Canal? It was a perfectly flat calm and clear evening which made the decision fairly easy. I called my buddies and told them I was going fishing.

My first Canal fishing spot of the evening was a little hole towards the East End of the Canal, right by the Scusset Beach fish pier.

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Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report | June 24

june cape cod canal fishing report

Most of the Cape Cod Canal fishing reports I have recently received have been rather bleak. Contrasted to last season, the action is not hot and heavy with epic blitzes and bountiful schools of huge bass.  At least that is what I’ve been hearing…

And if I have learned anything in my short stint here on this planet, it is to take the rumors and grapevine fishing reports with a grain of salt. Many times have I heard that there was not a fish in sight, when suddenly the ocean erupts in a massive feeding frenzy. On the other hand, I often hear about incredible bites, just to be let down as I encounter a barren ocean devoid of any life.

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Big Bass in the Big Ditch | May 24 Canal Report

cape cod canal east fishing

Torrential rain and heavy wind is a good way of describing conditions this morning at the Cape Cod Canal. I almost felt foolish as I stood there on the rocks, getting pelted in the face by wind whipped H20.

Nevertheless I felt like my chances at connecting with a decent bass were pretty good. I knew there was a large biomass of fish somewhere in Buzzards Bay, just waiting to push through. Would today be the day they decided to make their move? Only time would tell.

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Night Fishing the Cape Cod Canal | May 20 Report

night fishing cape cod canal report

Last night (technically this morning) my high school buddy Andrew and I set off to fish the Cape Cod Canal at night. Night fishing the Cape Cod Canal is one of my favorite types of fishing because you often have the place to yourself, plus there is a good chance of encountering big striped bass. Despite the rain, both Andrew and I were eager to see what the night would bring.

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