How to Catch Bluefin Tuna

cape cod tuna fishing

Cape Cod tuna fishing is unpredictable, nerve wrecking and extremely addictive. Off Cape Cod, your very next bite could be from a 1,000 pound giant bluefin tuna.

Cape Cod is home to a boasting recreational and commercial bluefin tuna fishery.  In one day off Cape Cod it is possible to see 50 pound footballs and 500 plus pound giants.

To capture the most powerful fish in the sea you will have to invest time, energy, money and in some cases personal relationships. To be a high liner, you will have to devote much of your life to tuna fishing.

The rest of us may need some help when it comes to successfully catching a tuna.

10 Steps to Catching Tuna off Cape Cod

If you’d like to learn how to catch bluefin tuna, then this tutorial can help. Afterward you’ll get links to tutorials about finding fish and how to catch striped bass.

  1. How to Catch Cape Cod Tuna within Sight of Shore
  2. 3 Sure-Fire Tips for your 1st Cape Cod Tuna
  3. Targeting Cape Cod Bay Giant Tuna during October
  4. Trolling Soft Plastics for Stellwagen Bank Tuna
  5. Tuna Time
  6. Catching your First Cape Cod Tuna
  7. Cape Cod Bay School Tuna Fishing
  8. Kite Fishing for Tuna 101
  9. Anchoring and Chumming
  10. Giant Tuna Fishing from a Small Boat

Free 38 Page eBook | Catching Tuna From A Small Boat

It is very feasible to catch a tuna from a small boat off the Cape. Every so often massive bluefins venture amazingly close to shore. All you have to do is be there when it happens!

Well there is actually a lot more too it than just that – LOL. Catching a big tuna from a small boat is a big feat. Over the years I have been fortunate to have seen, caught and lost tuna from 50 – 700 pounds from my 21 foot boat. In the below eBook I will share with you how it’s all happened.

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About the Author: Ryan Collins is a passionate fishermen and founder of My Fishing Cape Cod.