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New Personal Best for MFCC Member Chris French

The night before this particular outing, I made a conscious decision to not go fishing. I had already been out twice the past couple days, plus there were storms in the forecast. Tides were high before sunrise and dropping-along with the barometric pressure.

However when I awoke naturally at 4 AM, I knew something was pulling me to the water. I quickly got my things together and made my way to go surfcasting for striped bass before work.

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Targeting Striped Bass Using a “Kaboat”

Kaboat striped bass fishing

This is a guest report from Chris French who's been a member of MFCC since May of 2012. Chris also runs a new fishing website called Angler Toolbox which you can check out by clicking here.

On this trip, I departed early to get a few hours of fishing in before work. The new moon would create stronger tides and other factors coincided like moonrise, sunrise, and bottom of the outgoing tide. Everything was aligned, so I felt confident my "kaboat" would produce a few decent-sized fish.

This year I decided to put in extra time fishing a productive area which is actually off-Cape Cod. More than past seasons, I wanted to observe the patterns here throughout the seasons and figure this area out.

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