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Behind The Scenes Of Episode #5 Of My Fishing Cape Cod TV

Shane Uriot

The alarm echoed through my room at 3:30am, although I had already been awake staring at the ceiling. I always have trouble sleeping the night before a big trip, but that morning I was especially anxious.

As many of you know over the past year Ryan and I have been working hard to bring My Fishing Cape Cod to television. On this morning we were shooting what would end up being episode #5 of our first season.

It was cloudy on the road and spitting a light rain against my windshield. I kept running through all of the possible scenarios that could play out, but the one variable that you can never count on is hooking fish.

If this was a normal day I would just be happy to be on the water, but today catching fish would be "make or break" for our episode. As I made my way onto route 25 and I saw the Bourne bridge, my mind started to feel at ease; and just like my mood, the sky started to clear up too.


When I arrived at the marina the water was like glass, reflecting the pink and blue sky as the sun started to rise. Ryan was already on the Miss Loretta after a long night of fishing. Our good friend and top-notch cameraman, Evan Schneider of Hop Top Films, then pulled into the lot. We loaded up the gear onto the boat and just like that we were off.

We couldn’t have asked for better conditions as we whipped across the flat, calm, water. After about 20 minutes or so Ryan marked his first school of bass, and quickly tossed their eels into the water.

  1. Shane,
    Enjoy the moment!
    I’m speaking as the old man you will be one day, if the fates allow. I am on the “wrong” side of 70 and look back on many, many years of gratifying and challenging days on the briny while still fortunate to be doing it.
    The worst moment is realizing on the appointed day (and it will come to us all) when physically or otherwise, we can no longer participate in this great fishery or worse, did not do it when we could.

  2. Beautifully written Shane! What a great day! You guys do a great job! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. More of the same this season. I HOPE. Thank you Shane, and Evan.


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