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Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report | Week of 9/24

It's fall on Cape Cod, which means striped bass are en route to warmer waters. Striped bass from as far as Maine are now moving south along the New England coastline towards our local bays, beaches, harbors and estuaries.

Some of these bass will take a left and migrate around the legendary backside beaches of Cape Cod. However other schools of fish will take a "shortcut" straight through the Cape Cod Canal into Buzzards Bay.

It is tough to say exactly when large schools of stripers will push through the Big Ditch. Bass are notoriously difficult to predict.

Yet there is no arguing the fact that somewhere out there is a biomass of thousands of bass, heading directly for the Canal.

In this update we'll talk about the past couple of weeks of fishing at the Canal. We'll also touch on the week ahead, what to expect and how to make the most of what will hopefully be a great fall run.

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