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Extended June 28 Report

It seems like the mackerel are starting to fade away from Cape Cod Bay.  Don't get me wrong, you can still find great mackerel fishing in certain areas of the Bay.  A few guys have reported incredible mack fishing this week - however I spent an hour today and caught 10 mackerel in areas where I was catching 50 in 10 minutes.

But this is expected.  It's still nice to be able to find a few macks considering it is already almost July.  I'm still hoping that we will have mackerel throughout the entire summer - we shall see.

I did, for the firs time, mark significant amounts of bass out deep today.  This tells me that the stripers in the Bay are starting to enter their summertime routines.  Things are gradually starting to change out there.

One thing is for sure though, the fishing inside Barnstable Harbor remains strong.  It seems like the tide must be running for the bite to happen.  The incoming tide has been the most productive oddly enough from what I'm hearing and experiencing.

These fish love mackerel for some reason.  Live macks are the best, followed closely be "dead that day" mackerel.  Frozen mackerel are not working nearly as well.

Live eels are not working either.  I'm thankful they were willing to hit the tube today.

For more information on fishing today's area, check out the new 2012 Hot Spot category.  I'm restructuring the blog in a more user friendly fashion, so hang with me here while I move stuff around.

Tight lines and good luck!


Billingsgate Shoal

The fishing today was not great, however I'm going to blame it on the weather!

We had to depart from Billingsgate Shoal due to an increasing NW wind, but on the way back to Barnstable I swung in over the southern edge of the Shoal.  I did mark quite a few bass along the edge. Note the below image.

Had the wind not been so intense I would have considered working those fish.  However safety first in my book, so we decided to head back to the safety of B-harbor.

The B-harbor bite may be slowing down, however there have been some slow days over the past couple weeks mixed in amongst all the good days.  I was not able to get live mackerel yesterday so who knows, maybe having the live macks would have made the difference.

There were some fish in the channel however the vast majority of them were micro schoolies.  We lost one bass that may have gone 36 inches, but that was it as far as big fish is concerned.  Largest boated bass of today was 34 inches.

All the fish came on a 24 inch red tube and worm trolled on 3 colors.  All the fish came from basically the same stretch of the channel, as depicted below.

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Extended Weekend Fishing Forecast | June 23-24

Cape Cod Bay

I would recommend checking out a few areas in the Bay this weekend.  The fishing has been good so I would expect there to be some decent action throughout Saturday and Sunday.

The Square off Billingsgate Shoal has been fishing well, with a few slow days mixed in this week.  If I was to head there I would cruise the 50-60 foot contour until I marked either bait or bass on the sonar.  A lot of guys who fish this area just put the lines in the water and troll around the charter fleet, however I would recommend staying mobile until you find an area chock full of life.

Umbrella rigs and deep diving swimmers as well as wire line jigging is popular at the Square, however I prefer live eels, live macks and tube and worm. Below is a picture of the general area of the Square.

You can find mackerel in the Bay but you might have to head out to deeper water.  I still am getting reports of guys catching macks in 50-60 feet off Barnstable and over towards Sesuit.  If that fails I would check out deeper.  Try 70, then 80, then 90.  If that doesn't work then I don't know what else to tell ya!

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Areas on Cape Cod to Target Big Fluke

Cape Cod may be known for big striped bass and bluefin tuna, however fluke are not far behind.  Many anglers regularly choose to fish for fluke because fluke fishing is relaxing, fluke taste wonderful and fluke are a blast to catch.

I'm no fluke fishing expert (yet!) but I do know of a few popular areas off Cape Cod that regularly produce doormat size fluke.  If you implement the tips and techniques in John Silva's article and apply them to the below areas you stand a great chance at hooking up with a hefty fluke.

Lucas Shoal, Vineyard Sound

This area is prime time for big fluke.  You'll often see a fleet of boats drifting here during the season. The shoal is highlighted in yellow.

Middle Ground, Vineyard Sound

Middle Ground is a great spring striped bass fishing spot, as well as a killer fluke fishing area.  Middle Ground sits just to the east of Lucas Shoal in Vineyard Sound.

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Deepwater Fluke | Going Deep for Monster Mats

If you’re idea of fluke fishing is the embodiment of playing tug-o-war with a living, angry manhole cover, then you may find that you have to go deep to find those big-shouldered bruisers.

While casual anglers are bunched up on the flats competing for their share of “just–legal” shallow-water adolescents, those who desire a bigger challenge are patrolling the deeper water adjacent to those same flats, fishing in 40, 50, 60, even 80-feet of water or more. [continue reading…]

Exciting Week on Tap at the Cape Cod Canal | June 18 Report

mackerel pencil popper
Cape Cod Canal

This homemade mackerel pencil popper does a nice job of imitating tinker mackerel and casts like a bullet.


Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report

Once again the Canal fished well this past weekend.  While I was at my buddy's wedding I received numerous Cape Cod Canal fishing reports from guys who did well Saturday morning at the Ditch.

Thanks guys for the solid intel - if only I was able to make it down there for the bite!

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Cape Cod Canal fishing forecast | Week of June 18

June is historically one of the best, if not the best month for striped bass fishing at the Cape Cod Canal.

This week the early morning tides could very well produce phenomenal top water action.  The top water action this year, as is typically the case, has been best when the tide turns east right around sunrise.

Here's how the tides are looking for this coming week:

Tuesday  tide turns east at 4:01 AM

Wednesday  tide turns east at 4:40 AM

Thursday tide turns east at 5:18 AM

Friday tide turns east at 5:57 AM

I would highly recommend getting down to the Canal right at, if not before the above mentioned times.

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Weekend Fishing Forecast | June 16-17

Cape Cod Fishing Forecast

cape cod fishing forecast

I still can't get over this beast - congratulations Tom and crew!

The bass fishing around Cape Cod has, so far this season, been the absolute best it has been in years (at least in my opinion!).

I was speaking with a couple long time fishermen yesterday, guys who have fished the Ditch, Cape Cod Bay and the Outer Cape beaches for years.  They agreed that the fishing so far this season has been nothing short of stellar - especially at the Canal.

"Absolutely epic" is how they have been describing the action at the Canal.

I agree with them.  It seems like the main body of stripers, millions of bass, have decided to swim in closer to shore this season.  Last season the fishing was much more hit and miss, at least for yours truly.  This year I can't go buy a gallon of milk without someone commenting on all the big bass they've been seeing.

The stellar start to this season makes good sense based on the huge amount of bait that is around.  The waters off Cape Cod are very healthy this year, from the bottom of the food chain all the way up to the top.  Fishing is most certainly a cyclical activity, and fortunately it seems like the 2012 season is on the uptick of that cycle.

I've heard of giant bluefins, bruiser bluefish and cow bass this week being caught in areas and in amounts that guys have not experienced in a long time.  Something special is most certainly happening out there.

There was even a rare Beluga whale spotted of Provincetown and the Cape Cod Canal - go figure!

I can only imagine what's going to happen to next.  Needless to say, if you are heading out fishing this weekend I think you stand a great chance at finding some fish that are willing to bite.

Click here for more detailed information on areas to target tuna, stripers and big bluefish this weekend.

Tight lines, good luck and have a great weekend!





Extended Weekend Fishing Forecast | June 16-17

Cape Cod Canal

The Canal has been seeing waves of bass moving through all spring.  The highlight of the entire season may have happened one week ago when the Canal went absolutely crazy.

Guys were catching 20-40 pound bass literally from 6AM to 6PM straight.  The entire food chain was in a feeding frenzy and some guys were even reporting catching mackerel on their plugs.  Unreal.

The Canal this past week seemed to cool off a bit, however another wave of big bass could push through at any moment.  There's still plenty of food for them to chow down upon.

Tides this weekend aren't great as far as top water plugging is concerned.  Usually the best top water action happens when the tide turns east early in the morning.  This weekend the tide turns east 2AM Saturday and around 3AM Sunday.

While the tides may not be perfect for early morning plugging, you can bet your life savings that some decent bass will still be caught.

If I wasn't in a wedding this weekend I would probably opt for working the night time tides at the Canal.  I'd focus on the area between the Herring Run and East End - just because there's been so many mackerel cruising into that section of the Canal.

I like working the bottom during the night and jigging the west tide.  Friday night the west tide starts at 7:45PM and on Saturday at 8:30PM.

Nothing beats a 9 inch black Slug-Go super glued to a 4 ounce jig head in my opinion when it comes to jigging the  Canal at night.  If you plan on heading down to the Canal this weekend, feel free to post something in the forum and I'll do my best to respond with the latest intel.

I know there are still some massive bass to the south of us from Buzzards Bay on out to Nantucket, so odds are those bass will at some point head through the land cut.  Why wouldn't they with all the big bait around?

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Bluefish in the Suds | June 12 Report

Cape Cod Fishing Report

cape cod fishing report

Garet reeling in a bluefish that whacked a plug just yards off the beach.

I'm not usually a huge fan of catching bluefish, but when they are whacking top water plugs cast from shore I am 100% in.

Fortunately here on Cape Cod, we see a nice run of bluefish along the beachfront each spring.  May and June, in my experience, has always been prime time for targeting bluefish from shore.

Catching bluefish from the beach is pretty simple stuff for the most part.  To catch a blue from shore you really only need to focus on three things:

  1. Locate a beach that has been holding bluefish
  2. Go to the beach around sunrise/sunset with top water plugs
  3. Bomb the top water plug out as far as you can and work it quickly along the surface

If the bluefish are around you will soon find out!

To make life easier for yourself, remove the treble hooks from your plug and replace them with singles.  You may also want to tie on a wire leader to avoid getting bitten off.  If you haven't fished for bluefish before, be extra careful and keep your fingers away from their extremely sharp and powerful teeth.

I'd also recommend bringing along a sand spike.  This way when you land a bluefish, you can place your rod in the sand spike and have two hands free to corral the bluefish.

One of the primary baits that bluefish are chasing this time of the year is squid.  Squid are really athletic and quick prey items, so the bluefish has to exert some serious energy to catch them.  What this means is that the blues will be, for the most part, super aggressive and willing to put on quite the acrobatic show.

You'll have your best chance of finding blues if you locate a beach that has squid holding off it.  Then when the wind turns and blows towards the beach, the organisms at the bottom of the food chain are blown in towards shore.  Next come the small minnows to feed on the small organisms.  Chasing the minnows are the squid and chasing the squid are the blues.

Luckily this is the exact situation Garet and I found ourselves in yesterday.  The wind was howling and the bluefish were holding very close to shore.

It only took 3 casts to hook up with the first blue of the day.  Like I said before, I'm usually cursing bluefish when they are chopping up my live eels, but this guy put up one heck of a good fight and actually pulled some decent line from my light tackle setup.  How could I not find this fun?

Garet and I continued casting directly into a rather stiff breeze, and were able to elicit a strike every 5-10 casts.  The blues were going nuts on the plug and had no trouble whacking it completely out of the water which is always exciting.

We spent around 45 minutes on the sand and hooked and released 4 or 5 blues.  Most of the blues were on the smaller end of the spectrum.  These blues would have looked awesome underneath a kite out at Stellwagen!

I'm sure we could have continued catching but a handful of bluefish is really all it takes to keep Garet and I happy.  We opted for calling it quits early and grabbing a slice of pizza on the ride home.

Just another fun afternoon fishing Cape Cod.  I'd imagine the bluefish bite will remain strong for at least a few more days if not longer.  If you are looking to cash in on some fun top water action I'd highly recommend grabbing some poppers and hitting the suds.

Click here for more information on the best Cape Cod beaches to target bluefish over the next few days.

Tight lines, good luck and enjoy the rest of your week!


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