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Full Moon Kayak Fishing

Ryan Collins

My plan was to fish during the evening and again at sunrise the next day.

However that is not what ended up happening, especially with flat calm conditions and a bright, nearly full moon.

​My idea was to use the hobie kayak from Sturgis Boatworks to stalk striped bass among one of Cape Cod's most productive sandbars. 

Plus I wanted to do all this at night. After dark the bass would be more aggressive, plus the weather was perfect for an all nighter.​


However the day had been quite interesting! Just as I was ready to go fishing, I ran over a fork and needed to change my tire.

Suddenly it looked like my evening trip would turn into a late night adventure. Little did I know this would be a blessing in disguise!

Despite the setback I was still able to launch well before dark.​

Soon it would be low tide and I would be surrounded by miles of sandbar. With the bright sun I almost felt as if I was fishing in a tropical paradise.

Many different species of seabirds fed upon the minnows and sand eels trapped in the tidal pools. There was no sign of striped bass, but the incredible scenery made up for the initial lack of action.​

I fished the seams and cuts in between the sandbars which extended for miles all around. Several small schoolies fell victim to my lure, but the big bass eluded me.

Yet I knew they were here. I had seen several keeper-size bass swimming in the shallows. Then I began spooking a large school as my kayak glided over the flats.

Being in such shallow water over the sandbar, the bass proved very difficult to catch. Striper in this situation can be extremely finicky. I figured it might pay to spend the night.

Maybe the bass would start biting once the sun went down and darkness set in.​ Little did I know this was just the start of what would turn into an all night adventure kayak fishing the sandbars off Cape Cod.

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  1. WoW conditions looked fantastic, and what a fish.
    I’m just getting used to my hobe, and will have to learn some of the good locations before night fishing with the Kayak.

  2. You found my fork?!

    Good to know its heating up all over the cape!

  3. Ryan, Great job on the video. Beautiful fish !!!! Just bought a Old Town Predator w/ the Minn Kota motor (Lazy old guy) can’t wait to try it out on the outer cape this weekend.
    Keep up the Great work.
    Thanks, Kevin

  4. AWESOME ARTICLE, RYAN!!! Love the videos! It looks like you were just trolling a plug? Is this correct? I am new to the kayak game and love seeing this! Can’t wait to get my kayak out there this upcoming weekend and the following week. I am eager to catch my first kayak striper! Have got plenty of freshwater fish under my belt but eager to get some stripers from the yak! Thanks for sharing and keep it up! Tight lines bud!
    PS~ sorry about the tire, that’s never fun

    ~Ryan N.

    1. That’s right Ryan I was just trolling a Redfin about 100 feet behind the kayak

      Pretty simple technique to “master” plus the bites are terrific. Good luck out there on the kayak this next week, and watch out for those forks!


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