October 4 2016

How To Jig Inlets For Striped Bass On Cape Cod


Ryan Collins

Last weekend I jigged an inlet on Cape Cod which has treated me very well over the years, especially during October.

During this tip I fishing at around 8:00am. I was fortunate to catch bass up to 37 inches using 1.5 ounce Al Gag's Whip-It Fish. 

Oftentimes the largest bass in an inlet will hug tight to the bottom. The key in this scenario is to keep your jig just off the bottom, which is right in the strike zone.


I will only jig an inlet when the current is running. Therefore for jigging, I prefer the middle part of the incoming and the middle part of the outgoing, when the current is running quickest.

If you are new to jigging inlets, then the following video will help. In this video I cast my jig up-current, allow it to hit bottom, and then immediately begin my retrieve.

Gear and equipment used in this video:

Final tally for me at this inlet was 3 bass all caught on the 1.5oz pearl white Whip-It Fish. All the bass fought really well in the swift current and were released in good condition.

I filmed the next video a few weeks later, on October 21st. In this video I am using the same exact lure but at a different inlet on Cape. I am fishing at night, during the outgoing tide. 

One thing I would like to mention is to be very careful when fishing inlets and other areas where there is a swift and powerful current. These are not good places to fall in, especially during inclement weather.‚Äč

Please click the orange download button below for a Google Earth image of the general area on Cape Cod where this fish was caught.

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Google Earth image of the general area on Cape Cod where these fish were caught.

  • …I caught a really pretty 20″ Weakfish Monday off the West Dennis “Fingers” off Bass River. I was so sure I’d only be catching Cocktail Blues & schoolies, I didn’t bring a camera. Now let’s get off the internet & get out there to do some fishing!

  • Fished the general area this evening.. and although I didn’t personally catch anything.. there were people all over catching huge Blues and Keeper Stripers….

    I was there only about an hour at sundown – and saw 3 Keeper Stripers and 6 Huge Blues reeled in. Looked like most if not all were caught Chunking… pretty busy night.. just not for me jigging and popping. Still exciting to see the action.

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