January 7

Jigs and Rigs for All Seasons with Eddy Kooyomjian of Monomoy Tackle


Eddy Kooyomjian began fishing off Cape Cod when he was a kid fishing with his dad. Today Eddy fishes these same waters with his family, targeting big fluke, cod, haddock, sea bass, stripers, bluefish, albies and more.

Eddy is a proud member of My Fishing Cape Cod and recently started his own boutique tackle business called Monomoy Tackle. Eddy is also active inside the My Fishing Cape Cod forum, posting helpful replies and reports.

This podcast will be a great listen for anyone who'd like to learn more about bottom fishing off Cape Cod for fluke, sea bass and other bottom dwelling species, as well as fishing the Monomoy Rips for stripers, blues, albies and bonito.

About the author 

Kevin Collins

Kevin spent a decade with the New England Patriots and New England Revolution producing podcasts and other digital content. Currently he is the host and producer of the podcasts here on My Fishing Cape Cod. Kevin grew up on the beach in Plymouth, MA and has salt water running through his veins.

  • Just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for all of the awesome feedback Eddy and I received on this podcast. Wonderful to hear so many enjoyed it! Thank you for the kind words and lets keep it rolling in 2022!

    • I second Kevin’s sentiments, this was really enjoyable to do and I appreciate the time people took to listen and comment. Spring can’t come soon enough

  • Excellent job on the podcast Eddy
    I will be contacting your site about getting some rigs
    I heard you mention that you might take some MFCC members on seabass trip buzzards bay
    I do quite a few trips on that fishery , and would offer up my boat to take a couple members also , Twin boats and a little friendly competition ?

    • Hi David, thanks for listening and happy you enjoyed it. If the planned trip to Buzzards Bay rounds into form the way I hope it does, it would be good to buddy boat and team up with others. Thanks for the offer! Eddy

  • Nice podcast! Eddy has set me up twice with great gifts for my brother and brother in law! I think his product is fantastic, Thank You Eddy!

    • Leslie, thanks for listening to the podcast. Hope you enjoyed. I’m happy your family enjoyed the packages put together for them. Thanks for your support! Eddy

  • Fantastic podcast with “cousin Eddy”. Eddy shared a ton of great very detailed fishing advice . I will be purchasing some of his monomoy rigs for spring fishing. Thank you.

    • Bob, thank you for listening and the kind words. If you have questions on any products your are interested in please let me know. Thanks, Eddy

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