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Shark Fishing on Cape Cod from Shore

*This report was originally published on July 31st, 2018. I've decided to re-publish this post, because sharks are now starting to be caught from shore throughout the Cape & Islands.

For years now I have heard about people catching sharks from the beaches of Cape Cod. In fact, Ryan Franklin and other members from My Fishing Cape Cod have been catching brown sharks from the surf for the past several years.

Nevertheless, shark fishing from the beach on Cape Cod was something I had never really tried. So when MFCC member John Malloy asked if I wanted to try shark fishing from shore, I jumped at the opportunity. 

Last week I met John and his friend Tim at 8:00pm, just as the sun was starting to sink below the horizon. Our plan was to fish a secluded spot on the beach for the 12AM high tide, and hopefully hook into some hard pulling brown sharks.


It only took a moment for me to comprehend how serious John and Tim were about catching sharks from shore. They even had a cart that was perfectly organized with sinkers, rods and reels, hooks and other shark fishing essentials. 

I asked John for details about the correct gear and tackle for catching sharks from the beach on Cape Cod, and he was very forthcoming with information. 

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