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Brown Sharks from the Beach!

Ryan Franklin

On a humid evening this past Auguest, MFCC members Ryan Turcotte and Hayden Gallagher pulled into my driveway to prepare for a night of shark fishing. 

Ryan T. (who has been running this year's My Fishing Cape Cod Derby) and Hayden had never fished for brown sharks before. 

They had both driven straight from work for a shot at catching these hard-fighting fish. We shuffled some gear around, loaded up my SUV and headed to the sharking grounds.

It's about a 10 minute hike from the parking lot to my favorite spot. It was a beautiful evening and the stage was set for an excellent night of fishing. 


The sun was setting over the dunes to the west, and there was a light onshore breeze. The ocean and sky was painted in purple and pink hues which deepened as the sun slowly went down.

We had our first lines in the water at about 7:30pm - roughly an hour before high tide.

In no time at all, we had five lines in the water, containing a variety of baits:

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  • Bait #1
  • Bait #2
  • Bait #3

To quote Tom Petty, "the wait is the hardest part." 

While we waited to hook up, we chatted about how great the canal has been for us this season. All of us are still eager to take over the coveted #1 spot on the My Fishing Cape Cod Derby Leaderboard.

First Sharks of the Night

Suddenly at about 8:30pm, we had our first strike of the trip!

I don’t think Ryan and Hayden were expecting to see my glow stick go flying into the air, my rod doubled over, and my drag screaming!

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  1. Great article!

  2. Awesome job gentlemen

  3. Well done!! It was an awesome experience and I am definitely hooked. Will have to do plenty more trips next year. Thanks again for the adventure…fighting that shark was a whole different experience from the usual stripers.


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