June 15

MFCC Plug Bag Giveaway


Giveaway Closed!

Congrats to our winner Greg LeColst ??

And thank you to the more than 275 people who entered. Stay tuned for more fun giveaways coming soon!

ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

Up for grabs today is a brand new My Fishing Cape Cod plug bag. This bag is ideal for storing the largest lures which are commonly used for bluefin tuna, as well as for big stripers at the Cape Cod Canal.

Also included in this giveaway is a MFCC hat, MFCC stickers, and lures from Joe Baggs, Bingham Lures, and Fish Snax!

Everyone is welcome to enter this giveaway! You don't have to be a member for a chance to win.


To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment at the bottom of this post. The winner will be randomly chosen this Wednesday in the evening.

All this spring we've been doing giveaways for members inside our forum, so today I figured I would do a giveaway here on the blog which non-members could also participate in.

If you're a member, be sure to login to the forum so you don't miss out on more fun giveaways. The forum is also where I have been posting openings on upcoming group fishing trips.

Please LMK if you have any questions. Good luck and tight lines if you make it out fishing this week! ?

Enter the Giveaway!

Simply leave a comment below to be entered. The winner will be randomly chosen this Wednesday in the evening.

About the author 

Ryan Collins

I'm fortunate to have grown up on the beach, and I've been fishing since kindergarten. I have great family, friends and fishing experiences to be thankful for. Just being out there is enough-catching fish is just a bonus!

  • thanks for the chance to win a sweet bag be proud to sport that baby around also thanks for a great show and site info is always solid and welcomed..good luck everyone and thanks again ryan..hope u and your fam..are healthy and safe

  • Once again Ryan, thanks for the chance!
    P. S. I already have the bag so don’t pick me ?

  • Hi Ryan:
    Thanks for your newsletter. We moved from Cape Cod to Vermont 30+ years ago. While we love Vermont, frequent visits to the Cape and your newsletter keep us connected.
    Thanks and count me in!
    Tom D.

  • Enjoy reading the latest MFCC reports! I hope to get out there this year.

  • Count me in. Just started saltwater and my new backpack bag is too small and full.

  • I love getting your news letters….happy to hear the stripers are coming….and really can’t wait to hear where the blues are…Thank you for the updates

  • We are moving from Florida back up north and I am looking forward
    to fishing on the Cape!

  • I like the underwater video being a diver it is nice to see large schools of fish

  • Look like a great giveaway. Been trying hard this season to catch a striper but had no luck yet but still trying my best when I go fishing

  • Nice bag! I want!!
    I’m a member of the Salties and have followed your growth for years.
    You are a pro and a Codder at heart.
    I made a crabtrap out of a have a heart trap based on your video.
    It works awesome. We caught a mess of crabs but kept dragging anchor when togging off the target ship. Better luck last year with fewer crabs. Catch ’em up!

  • I’d love to win that bag. I’ve never owned one. As the nicer ones are very pricey. I just use my old back pack. I love your content. I hope I get a chance to win. Thanks. Catch em up!!

  • Great looking bag. I’ve heard from other members that it’s great. Even though I won’t be chosen??? I’m in

    • I love your weekly reports. Would love to have a reason to come up to the cape and go fishing I’m getting old have to enjoy my life now

  • Looks like some very nice items .After my hair cut my son gave me I need a new hat .

  • Great fishing website. I always follow you two to three months before we head up to the Cape. I only get there one week a year and love it.

  • Great website! I just signed up over the weekend and am looking forward to using the info to try my hand at some striper fishing this week.

  • Count me in, I have in trade one slightly used “custom” hand sewn, one of a kind, re-purposed sail bag…holds 3 large tackle trays. Now that’s a good deal!!!! And will score you points with the Miss’s….

  • Like your blog and could really use the bag
    And great gifts that go along with it.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Love to hear about your tips and stories cuz I’m a new found fisher lady.

  • I’d love to enter the contest. Giving my dad a membership to MFCC for Father’s Day and this bag would be an awesome way to get him more into MFCC! Great newsletter as always, Ryan.

  • Hey Ryan would love that plug bag I’m in desperate need of one !! Thanks !

  • Can’t wait to fish the ditch for some big bass! Thanks for the opportunity to win this bag! Good luck fishing everyone!

  • Great logo! I enjoy your under water videos the best!! Count me in please! Thanks.

  • Count me in. This is a great community and I recommend the forum to people all the time.

  • Look forward to bending a rod on a 40” fish soon, keep up the good work. Tight Lines.

  • Looks like a great bag! Mostly my fishing these days is from the shore, but I have a charter upcoming on the 27th. I will let you know how we do! Up until now it’s been mostly schoolies.

  • Looks like a great bag and prize pack Ryan. Also happy to read about some bigger fish being caught around the Cape! Thanks, Drew

  • Love coming to the cape for the fishing, will be back this summer. Could use a new bag.

  • Going Out fishing this weekend and could really, really, really use this bag!

  • Keep up all the great work you do on the site! Very much appreciated. Please enter me in contest!

  • Would like the gear it will remind e of the great tvshows you put out. And are informational

  • Please count me in for the giveaway. I am hoping to finally catch a stripper, any size, with a lure. Has been on my bucket list. Don’t get to try often but hoping this year I’ll finally have success. Caught one small 22” stripper years ago at Castle Island in Boston using clams for bait. Nothing since.

  • Enjoy coming to the Cape in the summers with my son and his family. We all enjoy getting out and striper fishing. Enjoy reading your site.

  • Hi Ryan
    Been following your post for a few years.
    Usually visit the Cape few times a season. But not this season.
    I am enjoying your up dates even though we can’t be there.
    Hope to get up there once they ngs calm down.
    Tight Lines…,

  • Looks great. Include me. Love your news letter. Returning to surf fishing after about 15 year break to play golf. At 82, the golf game is now so bad it is back to ocean and fishing.

    • Great posts,
      I learned a lot from it,
      I’m not really a salt water fisherman but I love It when I go with my friends only a few times a year ,
      Keep it up

  • I live in Tennessee and have just started to fish for strippers in the river.
    I have very little equipment would love to get some.

  • Birthday is this Wednesday and finally bagged my first keeper sized bass this morning out here from the beach on MV (the spot has been blowing up lately!) – this would be a great way to top it all off 🙂

  • As a mostly fresh water fisherman, I am excited about the raffle and would love to get some more saltwater gear to have me ready for a striper!


  • I’m in also! Would be nice to catch one of those fish I hear tell about with any of those lures! Nice logo also.

  • Oh yeah my brother, put your finger on the scale for me Ryan! I’m fishing Salmon out of Monterey Wednesday and I’m green with envy over those big Stripers you guys are wrestling with at Cape Cod. Some of my fishing people from Montauk have bagged a few 30’s but it’s a lot of work I heard….meanwhile I’m going to focus on the West Coast groceries in the form of the early Kings…..Butch

  • Ryan – Great website! Great information! Great posts!

    Now, if only a fish would bite! Haha


  • Holding my bag together with duck tape would love a new one .saw these last year

  • I’m in!!

    Was at my Truro FishHouse the other day with my daughter….great day! we both caught 2 schoolies and hooked several others. Very fun evening!

  • Thanks for the tips! Finally hooked up with my largest Striper to date! Definitely over 40 inches, but lost it right at the rocks… Almost cried ?

  • Thanks for including me Ryan. Hopefully we’ll be back in Plymouth for the late summer and fall fishing! Keep up the great reports!

  • We had a trip planned for this summer to come visit my brother at his cape house but it was canceled. I still like reading the emails I get from my fishing cape cod because we are hoping to come visit next year

  • Keep up the great work, Ryan! Excited to head down from the mountains of VT to hit the Cape later this week.

  • Thanks for the tips! Hooked up with a massive Striped bass this weekend that was definitely in the 40in range, but came unhooked right at the rocks… almost cried ?

  • Love your reports and keeps me engaged while landlocked in Atlanta.

    Looking forward to eventually getting back into the Cape and Islands action!

    Thanks for all you do!

  • Don’t own a plug bag, and would love one! Again, thanx for doing these giveaways!

  • Can’t wait to get back to the Cape and use your info to catch some big ones! – thanks

  • Maybe this would get me out of the bad rut I have been in this year. Could not catch a fish this last weekend.

  • Great aerial footage of those stripers hitting bunker last week Ryan. I also enjoyed the underwater blitz on the sand eels. Keep em coming!


  • MFCC is a great forum, as a visiting angler coming from Ireland to CC for the first time last year I found the site very informative. Also, there is a good mix of very competent anglers on the forum who are selfless in offering help and advice.
    Unfortunately, due to flight restrictions this year I couldn’t make it but God willing I will be ready for 2021. Keep up the good work Ryan.

    • Can’t wait for September, when I will be staying in the cottages in N. Truro for a week. This bag of lures would be nice to carry to the beaches. Hopefully the Cape will be opened up by then.

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