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Mid-Summer Tuna Fishing on Cape Cod

Jason Mazzola

If you own a boat and pursue bluefin tuna, then you know how challenging it can be to keep your boat, tackle and equipment in top-notch condition. 

For example, I completely missed last year's Cape Cod tuna fishing season because I was rebuilding my 23 foot SeaCraft center console.

However I am pumped to report that I am now back in business! It has been a long road but the "Sue-Sea-Q" is finally back on the water killing tuna.


The following video highlights my first tuna of 2017, caught last week off Cape Cod, while fishing with my good friend Todd Baranowski.

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  1. Sportscenter Top 10-worthy harpoon stick

    1. Haha probably the only way I’m making sportacenter these days

  2. Love it Jason. So rewarding watching you guys learning, and fishing at such a high level.

    1. Thanks Mr. Collins hopfully more to come

  3. Thanks for sharing your video!

    1. Happy I got too

  4. Epic harpoon shot!

    1. You and I are due for one together feels over due for you and I to go.

  5. Very cool! Looks like alot of fun, nice job

    1. Thanks. It’s a lot of work to make it happen but it’s worth it and yes it’s so much fun watching 130s get line dumped out of them


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