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My Journey For A Keeper Striper | From Mt. Washington To Cape Cod

Josiah Gummeson
MFCC member since 2017

Hello everyone! As the striped bass fishing season on Cape Cod approaches, I hope your 2018 season will be filled with big fish and fond memories. 

Back during the 2017 season, I wrote about my journey on the Appalachian Trail, and how it prepared me for the challenges of surfcasting. 

Today, I would like to share with you my winter journey to the summit of Mt. Washington, and how I feel it prepared me in my struggle to catch my first "keeper" size fish.


Summiting Mt. Washington & Catching A Keeper

Cape Cod is one of the best places to target striped bass, but the 2017 season was particularly good. Many anglers tangled with big stripers from the beach, boat, and along the banks of the canal.

The 2017 season was my first successful season as a surfcaster, which made it particularly memorable for me personally. Not only did I catch my first ever striped bass during 2017, but I finally landed my first ever "keeper striped bass" during August. 

Catching my first keeper striped bass and summiting one of the most dangerous "small mountains" in the world both have one thing in common - enduring many struggles.

At 6,288 ft tall, Mt. Washington is the highest peak in New England. Mt. Washington also has some of the worst weather in the world. Winds high as 231mph have been recorded on the summit. 

Attempting a winter summit hike of Mt. Washington involves detailed planning, proper gear, an experienced team, and a good weather window - which is similar to successfully catching keeper-size striped bass from the beach. 

  1. I was exhausted just driving up Mt. Washington one day in July. It is a great place to visit. Enjoyed your post ,and glad you had a safe trip. Thanks Josiah

    1. Hey Jake! Mount Washington is definitely a beautiful place to visit. A heated car ride up would have been nice. It was a very chilly hike! Glad to hear you enjoyed my post.


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