June 21 2021

Night Fishing for Stripers from The Beach


Summertime has arrived on Cape, and night fishing for stripers from the beach will be more effective than fishing during the day. Beach fishing at night for stripers is not for everyone, but I enjoy it a lot.

Being in nature underneath the stars is what I enjoy most. The chance of hooking into a big fish is icing on the cake.

The following video was filmed two summers ago over July 4th weekend. If you are looking to learn a simple method for night fishing for stripers then this video may be beneficial for you.

Please click play below to watch!


This week I'll be night fishing for stripers using black and purple swimming lures. I will also be rigging a 4 inch white teaser fly in front of the swimming lure.

Oftentimes stripers will bite the teaser fly instead of the swimming plug, and sometimes you can even catch two bass at the same time!

Another thing I'd like to mention, is that recent research suggests the use of a plastic fish-grip (like the one I used in the above video) may inflict injury to the bass' jaw.

The fish-grip is still extremely helpful when it comes to safely removing treble hooks from stripers. However, I plan on using the fish-grip a lot less moving forward. 

Stay tuned to the 2021 Surfcaster's Thread for the latest updates. I am looking forward to letting you know how I do.

Tight lines! ?

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