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There Are Still Plenty Of Stripers On Cape Cod | November 9th Report

Ryan Collins

Yesterday evening was as picturesque as it gets for November on Cape Cod. The weather was perfect, so Lauren and I decided to take our dog Rosie for a walk on the beach.

I encountered great November schoolie action during my previous beach walk with Rosie, so I made sure to once again bring my rod and reel, in hopes of encountering more striped bass along the beach.

This time of the year we don't encounter many people on the beach, which means its okay to let Rosie run free off the leash. The dog enjoys chasing sea gulls, snacking on crabs, and just being free.


Just before sunset the wind completely died and the water was like glass. 

Gorgeous streaks of pink, orange and red illuminated the sky as the sun sank low beneath the horizon. 

There were no visible signs of fish (unlike the previous trip when terns and sea gulls were working over bait in close to shore) however stripers were still in the area.

We had walked down the beach a couple hundred yards when I decided to make a cast with my white soft plastic Albie Snax. I gave the lure a few twitches to make it dance across the surface, and then WHACK! Fish on!

It was no monster but the schoolie put up a great fight on my new ultra light setup. 

That would be the only fish of the walk for me, however I have been chatting with quite a few members from My Fishing Cape Cod who also caught stripers yesterday and last night.

  • You can learn more about what our members are catching and where by going to this forum thread.
  • Members can also learn more about the area of the Cape I was fishing during this beach walk by viewing this extended report.

Overall the month of November has been pretty productive for myself and quite a few members here on the site. Maybe we will continue to have good action right up until Thanksgiving 🙏🏻

However I won't be here for it!

Tomorrow I am leaving for Mexico on a quasi family/work adventure. I hope to find some solid surfcasting and perhaps some boat fishing opportunities while in Mexico, and I will be sure to report back here on MFCC about what I discover. 

Tight lines 🎣

What do you think?

Let me know by commenting below.

  1. Thanks for the report and good luck in Mexico!

    1. Thanks Ron! I’ll keep you posted!

  2. Rosie is getting braver! She is coming up closer to the fish. I saw the same beautiful colors of sunset on a south cape beach two days ago.

    1. She is getting braver. Definitely a great fishing partner. Those colors were beautiful – gotta appreciate every sunset this late in the season 👍🏻

  3. Nice night! Pretty sunset and a fish!

    1. Doesn’t get much better 😊


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