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Day #1 | Fishing and Blogging from Mexico

Ryan Collins

Over the course of my 33 years on this planet I have observed and participated in the rapid rise of technology. With the advent of cellphones and the internet, life began to change in ways I never could of predicted. If you are my age or older, then I am sure you can relate!

I'm only going to write a sentence or two about the negative side of technology. For example, one of the most obvious negatives is that many of invest hours of our day staring at a pixelated screen. 

Even if you spend just three hours per day staring at your cellphone, over the course of one average American lifetime, that would amount to a staggering nine years of your life spent staring at your cellphone! 


Obviously I am riding this wave of technology and doing my best to take advantage of its benefits while balancing its negatives.

Airport beer helps spur writing creativity while waiting for your connecting flight. It's a well known fact in the blogging community, I swear!

One major benefit of the internet is that it allows me to carryon my day-to-day business activities from anywhere in the world without issue.

In fact I sometimes find it easier to work abroad than at home, and my productivity will oftentimes increase. For the next couple of weeks I will be blogging from Mexico, where it is currently 80 degrees, sunny and flat calm. 

I will be staying, fishing and carrying-on with business as usual - all thanks to the internet, cellphones and a lodging deal that I could not pass up. 

I have not done any fishing as of yet, but there are locals throwing cast nets, hand lines, and tossing poppers in front of me as I write this.

Just like my first day ever in Costa Rica I have no idea what to expect fishing-wise, but I am looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds!

To learn exactly where I am in Mexico, members of My Fishing Cape Cod can click the download button at the bottom of this post to load a Google Map of my location.

Tight lines 🎣

PS - back on Cape Cod many of our members are still finding good action with striped bass. The trout fishing is always pretty good right now. You can access all our local Cape Cod fishing reports and updates by going to our private forum.

Mexico Location

My Fishing Cape Cod members can click the download button below to load a Google map of where I am in Mexico.

  1. So true about a new location spurring creativity and productivity. Beer is also a nice creative stimulant! Have fun down there

    1. Thanks Billy!

      When will your podcast air and where can I listen in?

  2. Is Rosie staying with Gramma Kathy and Grampa Jake? I’m sure you miss her!

    1. Wish we could of brought her with us. Lots of great dogs down here running up and down the beach. Rosie is fortunately staying with a good friend of ours and is apparently doing just fine 😊

  3. have a great trip!! looking forward to hearing all about it!!!

    1. Will do Dave. Got into a nice blitz yesterday evening on the beach. Small jack crevalles all over the place. Lots of fun and video coming soon!

  4. Nice! Have a blast! looking forward to see what you catch! We had my nieces destination wedding several years ago in Cabo San Lucas. My brother and brother in law hired a charter and caught yellowfin tuna, bonito and striped marlin. They brought their catch back to our resort and the chef prepared the fish for all of us! He prepared ceviche, grilled and blackened fish. It was incredibly delicious! Also, the charter guy had hired prepared some delicious Mexican snacks for their fishing charter. I hope you get some great fish!

    1. Wow that is a productive charter. I have heard all about Cabo and it sounds like they have an amazing boat and shore fishery. A dinner like that is the icing on the cake!


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