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Catching Striped Bass On Cape Cod During November

Ryan Collins

Sure it's November, but you can still catch striped bass on Cape Cod! In this trip my dog Rosie and I found great action with schoolie stripers from the beach.

I was not really planning on doing much fishing - instead I was primarily taking the dog for a walk. However it can pay to always pack a rod and reel (especially during the fall) because you never know what might happen.

Once Rosie and I arrived at the beach it only took a few minutes for me (and the dog) to notice a flock of sea gulls dive bombing bait up against the shoreline. The dog and I both took off sprinting down the beach towards the action.


Rosie was more interested in chasing the sea gulls, while I was hoping that maybe there were stripers feeding beneath the birds. You can watch the entire trip unfold by clicking play below.

If you would like more details about the general location fished in this video, then please view the extended fishing report.

If you would like to chat more about November stripers on Cape Cod and in the canal, then please join the conversation in this forum thread.

Video timestamps:

  • 1:42 - explanation of the lure
  • 3:15 - explanation of how I'm fishing the lure
  • 3:53 - first striper
  • 5:40 - birds attacking lure
  • 6:30 - more tips about fishing the Albie Snax
  • 7:26 - striper #2
  • 10:19 - striper #3
  • 12:04 - striper #4
  • 13:20 - striper #5
  • 14:29 - striper #6
  • 15:55 - striper #7
  • 17:46 - striper #8
  • 25:15 - biggest striper of the trip
  • 27:36 - closing

Gear and equipment used in this video:

Location Fished

Click the button below to learn more about the general location my dog and I fished during this trip

  1. Rosie the Beach Dog! Very cute!
    I took my three year old daughter for a walk on the Jersey Shore boardwalk one morning several years ago. Upon seeing bluefish in the surf, we ran back to the house for my rod and then I proceeded to catch several fish as Brielle looked on from her stroller all alone on the boardwalk about 50 yards away. I finally had caught enough fish and felt guilty enough that it was time to stop fishing and continue our walk. “Don’t tell Mommy”!

    1. Just another very valid reason to always carry a fishing rod when you go for a walk by the beach. 😂

  2. Nice one Ryan!

    1. Thanks Igor! Gluck if you make it out this weekend!

  3. Sweet video Ryan! Great fishing! Rosie is so cute!

    1. She’s a great fishing partner 🎣


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