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Rock Fishing From Shore In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Ryan Collins

Here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, there is a 100 yard rock outcropping from which I can cast poppers into depths of more than 100 feet of turqoise water.

Being able to cast lures into water that deep is a really unique opportunity. For example on Cape Cod, most of the time when fishing from shore, I am casting lures into water of less than 10 feet.

There is no telling what species of fish one might encounter when fishing a spot surrounded by such deep water! In fact we caught mani mahi while fishing in a boat not far offshore from where this rock outcropping is located. 


The video below was filmed during my first trip at this spot. In the video I am casting a Tactical Angler Bomb Popper when a hard fighting jack crevalle smashed it right on the surface!

Please click play below to watch.

Video timestamps:

0:10 - walking out to the spot
3:25 - underwater footage of fish at similar rocky outcroppings
5:06 - talking about the lure, ANGLR etc.
6:02 - hooked up!
7:48 - trying to land the fish
9:05 - the release

Equipment used in this video:

Van Staal VR175
Tsunami 8' 6" three piece travel rod
50lb Power Pro braid
50lb Seagur Blue Label Fluorocarbon
Tactical Angler Bomb Popper yellow 2 ounce 

View The Spot On Google Earth

Click the button below to access a map with the exact marking of where in Mexico this rocky outcropping is located.

  1. Beautiful location.

    1. It definitely is. I think you and Kathy would enjoy it here!

  2. I’d like to hear more about the fishing ap if it works out!

    1. The ANGLR app is very cool. It’s like a traditional fishing log but on steroids.

      Here’s a link where you can learn more and download the app for free

  3. Super! Oh to be 30 something and agile again! Beautiful spot! great fish! Great footage! Way to go Ryan!

    1. Thanks Leslie! Lots of fun!

  4. nice man! is there any logic to jigging deeper in that water column with a ron z or similar?

    1. I went back to the spot and tried casting way out and letting a metal Daddy Mac jig fall through the column. Surprisingly I got skunked!

      1. maybe too much water to stand out… in which case flailing bait on the surface sort of makes sense.

  5. Nice footage Ryan. Looks like you are finding many varied types of fishing opportunities that are certainly being enjoyed back home. What’s next, spear fishing?

    1. Spear fishing could be worth a try! I actually bumped into a young guy on the beach a few days ago who spear fishes here for snappers, rooster fish and whatever else swims by.

      1. I can only imagine as I dust off the hard water gear, the kind of damage you could do with a SOT kayak there. Vallarta sleigh ride with a fifty pound grouper. Sounds like a good time to me.

        1. Yep, absolutely. If I had my Hobie kayak with me then I could easily be trolling for mahi, sail fish and even marlin within just a mile or so of the beach. Light winds, flat calm seas and lots of pelagic species holding very close to shore would make it possible!


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