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Springtime Fishing in Vineyard Sound

Today we have a new podcast about springtime fishing in Vineyard Sound. If you fish off Falmouth and over towards Martha's Vineyard, then this podcast might be of interest to you.

This podcast was recorded with MFCC member Jack Collins (same last name but no relation 😎). Jack is 16 years old and is a sophomore at Falmouth High School.


During April Jack's family donated a 4 hour charter onboard their 29' Albermale the Scrimshaw as a giveaway for members of My Fishing Cape Cod.

The giveaway was a great success so I asked Jack if he'd be interested in hopping on a podcast with us.

Jack and his family run Falmouth Family Charters. They do most of their fishing off Falmouth, over by Martha's Vineyard, and down along the Elizabeth Islands.

So with that in mind I figured focusing the podcast around springtime fishing in the Vineyard Sound area would be appropriate.

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Podcast Transcription

Jack's Background

Well, hello and welcome to another other addition to the, My Fishing Cape Cod Podcast here from I'm your host, Kevin Collins, back with you for another exciting episode of the 2021 podcast season here from My Fishing Cape Cod. For those of you that have been following along, we've mixed in to our weekly fishing report podcast, a series of interview formatted podcasts that we're trying to give some diversity into our podcast platform this year. This is going to be the latter of those two podcasts. We've got a really exciting conversation with My Fishing Cape Cod member, Jack Collins from Falmouth, Massachusetts.

His family owns Family Fishing Charters out of Falmouth Harbor. They're giving away a free for our charter this week on My Fishing Cape Cod, which is posted in the forum. You can check that out in the, My Fishing Cape Cod forum to be entered, to win that giveaway. The topic of today's podcast that we're going to cover with Jack is fishing Vineyard Sound. So without further delay, let's hop right into today's show. Well, it's time now to welcome in our guest on this week's edition of the, My Fishing Cape Cod podcast. That is proud. MFCC member Jack Collins, Jack, how are you this morning?

Doing great, Kevin, thanks for having me.

Now. I just want to set the table for everybody. Same name as Ryan and I last name, which is awesome, but no relation. So no nepotism here for Jack. We don't just choose members of the family to put on the podcast. So Jack, we want to welcome you into today's show. I just want to give you a quick moment to kind of introduce yourself and tell everybody where your from.

Yeah, thanks Kevin. I'm Jack I'm from Falmouth. I live on the Cape. I'm a sophomore at Falmouth high school and I've grown up fishing through my dad. Got on the boat when I was nine and just have been loving it ever since.

So you're a sophomore at Falmouth high school. Do you play any sports? What's your favorite sport?

I play lacrosse and basketball. And my favorite subject is either math or science.

Do you have aspirations of going to college one day? Or still just kind of thinking about that?

Yeah. I definitely want to go to college.

Well, you got a firsthand education in fishing. I just want you to tell everybody a little bit about the family business, what your family does and kind of how long that's been going?

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  1. I love hearing the passion of young, and knowledgeable anglers. Good luck Jack with this upcoming season.

    1. Jake,
      Gracie says Hi. She had a great time chasing her ball yesterday at Race Point and Head of the Meadow! Good thing she couldn’t read the Plover signs.

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