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Squid Fishing – Crazy Underwater Footage!

Squid fishing on Cape Cod often gets good during late April and early May, when squid move into shallow water to spawn. This footage is from a squid fishing trip back on May 5th, 2020.

Below are the chapters (video timestamps) for this video, as well as extra information about fishing for squid off Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

00:00 - best underwater squid footage
00:52 - my introduction to the rest of the footage
01:20 - overview of time of year, squid jigs, tackle and other tips
03:15 - simple cooking tips for making fried calamari

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*For the latest updates, please visit the 2021 Squid Fishing thread inside our members forum.

For squid fishing I rig up using a rod and reel that I typically use for schoolie stripers and freshwater fishing.

My reel is a Shimano Nasci 2500 spooled up with 15 pound braided line, paired with a Temple Fork Outfitters Professional, 6'6" long rod, rated for 1/16 to 1/4 ounces.

For lures, I rigged up with a Tsunami Weighted Squid Sabiki, with another Yo-Zuri slow sinking squid jig tied above via a dropper loop. Most anglers add multiple squid jigs to a line, but I opted to keep it simple.

I then drifted with the wind and did not impart any action or jig the rod at all. I figured the rocking of the boat and waves was all the action I needed to fool a big squid.

If you've never caught a squid before, then you might be surprised about the initial bite. When a squid hits, the bite kind of feels like you're getting stuck on the bottom. It's a slow, gradual weight on the line, and I feel like a gentle lift of the rod is probably more effective than a swift hook set. 

Finding and catching squid can be a fun early springtime challenge here on Cape Cod. An extra bonus is that these squid are awesome bait for big striped bass, and they make for great eating.

My wife Lauren made up some tasty calamari by coating the squid in flour and then frying it for 20 seconds each side in a pan of sizzling hot vegetable oil.

Lauren did a wonderful job on the calamari and I felt a slight sense of accomplishment knowing that I caught this food on my own! 🍽

Have you been out squid fishing yet this season? Do you plan on giving it a try? Please LMK by commenting below.

Tight lines! 🎣

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