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Eye-Opening Underwater Footage of Trout Fishing with Lures

Cape Cod is famous for its’ saltwater fishing, however the Cape is also home to excellent trout fishing opportunities.

Right now many of the Cape’s ponds have been stocked with rainbow, brown, brook and tiger trout.

Trout will often swim together in schools, and if you can locate a school, then you can enjoy great action, as you'll see in today's Angler Education video. 

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Lures shown in this video include:

The months of March and April are perhaps the best months of the year for trout fishing on Cape Cod. Live bait such as shiners and worms will work well. In-line spinners, jerk baits, fly fishing and power bait can also get the job done.

These "Angler Education" segments originally aired during the 2020 season of My Fishing Cape Cod TV. To view full episodes of the tv show, please visit

Last week I was busy fishing Cape Cod's kettle ponds, and I was fortunate to capture more new footage of trout chasing and attacking lures. Please stay tuned as I plan on sharing some new underwater clips very soon!

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