July 19 2015

Giant Tuna In The Fog


The morning began with my Dad and I launching my 26 foot Sea Vee. We started running out and began marking bait and were able to put a few macks in the live well.

Then we  headed east as the fog got heavier and heavier. By the time we got to our fishing spot visibility was about 100 yards. I idled down the boat for safety's sake and began listening for signs of life.

Then through the fog the life appeared. Tuna were crashing around us on the surface, but it was real difficult to get on the fish due to the fog. Instead of casting we decided to setup right there among the life.


Find The Life, Find The Fish

In the fog, the whales slapping their tails sounded like fire crackers going off!

Around 10:30 am the fog finally started to break. Conditions were as calm as they get.​

flat calm tuna fishing

30 minutes later we had a whale swim very close to the boat, and at that exact moment one of our balloons began to move. At this point I did not think we had a tuna on the line.

I began to reel the line tight when it suddenly went slack. I figured I may of lost whatever was on the line but suddenly I realized t​he animal was coming straight at us.

I reeled tight again and when the fish realized he was hooked he took off, with the drag screaming!

bent tuna rod

Fish on! Bob's Dad fighting the tuna.

The tuna went on a blistering initial run. My father who had flown in the day before took over the fight after about 10 minutes. I like to keep "fresh arms" on the reel so the fish doesn't get a chance to rest. 

The fight went on for about 30 minutes. Finally the fish was straight up and down beneath the boat, and he began "pin wheeling" underneath the hull.

I probably could have thrown the harpoon but I decided to wait for the best shot. Both my Dad and I felt we had a solid hook set in the fish and we agreed there was no need to rush things.

​Eventually I felt comfortable and ready to throw the harpoon. On my first try I sent the harpoon straight through the tuna's head, and not long after we secured a tail rope on the fish.

bob hovey giant tuna

The fish taped out at 78 inches.

giant tuna fishing bob hovey

We bled the fish boat side and were able to gut him right there. We hauled the fish into the boat, high fived each other and started heading home.


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About the author 

Captain Bob Hovey

Bob Hovey is a 3 year MFCC member, charter captain and owner of Troll Naked Apparel. Bob has fished off every state on the East Coast and has a passion for offshore fishing, teaching safety and water survival.

  • Nice work Bob!

    Sorry to hear that you pulled the hook yesterday on another giant after a 45 minute fight. That would of been great, especially since you hooked that fish using the Penn 50W which you won at the MFCC Breakfast Raffle!

    Good luck out there this week.

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