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What Everyone Ought to Know about the NEW My Fishing Cape Cod

In less than 3 weeks I will be ready to launch the completely re-designed and improved My Fishing Cape Cod blog. I think this new layout will really help you maximize your time spent fishing Cape Cod this season, by providing you with the most useful information in the simplest way possible.

The new design will help you:

  • Instantly and easily locate specific Cape Cod fishing reports
  • Remain updated on the latest Cape Cod fishing information
  • Easily learn about the most productive Cape Cod fishing techniques
  • Learn how to find and catch a variety of Cape Cod fish species

In addition to the above, the new design will also help us grow as a community throughout 2013. Some new additions to the blog this fishing season will include:

  • Me personally traveling to and fishing a variety of new Cape Cod fishing spots and areas
  • Video reporting and webinars to keep you up to date on how things are going
  • New contributors covering topics that I'm not an expert in - such as fly fishing for striped bass
  • New eCourses and eBooks

*AND possibly creating a completely new avenue for getting you the information you want (I'm really excited about this idea - but I can't divulge the details just yet).

So needless to say we have a lot to look forward to this fishing season!

For a SNEAK peek at the new layout be sure to check out the video below. Pay extra attention to how things are categorized - which will make it super simple to find the content you want fast.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Tight lines,


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