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Winter Largemouth Bass Fishing on Cape Cod | with MFCC member Dan Zunino

Dan Zunino

Cape Cod is well known for its beautiful landscape, beaches, and its amazing saltwater fishing. The fishing opportunities here aren’t just held to striped bass and bluefin tuna, but it’s also home to some great freshwater fishing as well.

In fact, there are hundreds of kettle ponds scattered across the Cape. Many of which, are stocked with trout in the spring and fall.

Not only are there trout in most of these ponds, but there’s also the mighty largemouth bass. The largemouth bass inhabits almost every pond on Cape Cod. They can be a fun fish to target for anyone of any age and level, plus it’s a great way to escape the normal day-to-day stresses we face.


Recently, I’ve had a few opportunities to get out on the weekends here and there to target these fish. The winter weather has been more than fair to us so far, and I hope it will stay like this to help keep these bass active.

Winter Bass Fishing with Shiners

Fishing for largemouth bass can be done all throughout the year, there is no season saying you can’t fish for largemouth bass. This makes them an awesome fish to target, especially during the winter months for avid saltwater anglers like myself. 

These elusive bucket mouths can really help with cabin fever during the winter. In these cold months they can be a bit sluggish and I have found them harder to fool using lures. It can still be done but I’ve experienced better luck using live bait, like shiners. It’s hard for a bass to resist a lively shiner put right in front of them, since a lot of their diet consists of small baitfish.

A fresh live shiner is like candy to bass, so it’s good to have extra shiners with you when fishing for them. If the fishing gets good, sometimes it’s easy to throw a few dozen at them. The key is to have a lot of bait.

Lures do work though, and ones to use during the winter months include small swimbaits, artificial plastics and spinners. Something with a shine to it, particularly on overcast days.

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by Dan Zunino

Dan is a Cape Cod fishing enthusiast. Throughout the season he enjoys chasing everything from largemouth bass to bonito, pickerel to tautog. Dan and his father Steve have been active members of MFCC since 2015.

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