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Trout Fishing on Cape Cod | From A Row Boat

Garet Suomala

Hello My Fishing Cape Cod 👋 Garet Suomala here. Sorry I have not written in a good long while, but I am back for another season, and ready to go.

It's been a great winter for me. During March I accompanied Ryan at the New England Saltwater Fishing Show at the Rhode Island Convention Center. 

There were thousands of people at the show, plus a couple hundred exhibits. It was fun for me to walk around and see them. Ryan and I also presented two seminars at the show called Secrets of Fishing Cape Cod.


Ryan and I also presented at another show at a place called the Hampshire Dome in New Hampshire. This was lots of fun also, but it was easily a two plus hour drive up. Then we had another seminar at a place called the Wolves Den in Pemboke, MA for the Massachusetts Striped Bass Association.

Anyways I bet you are all wondering "when is Garet going to talk about fishing?" Well have no fear - lets get right into it.

Row Boat Trout Fishing

The morning of April 9th was awesome. I went to work at the Cape Abilities Thrift Shop and had a great time. 

Towards the end of my shift I saw a beautiful framed picture with many different types of salt water fish, and I said to myself "Self, you know who would like this? Ryan."

So I picked it up for him and he was very grateful. 

Ryan picked me up from work around 11am and we headed out for some trout fishing. I had never gone trout fishing before - it was such a treat. We drove to our destination and got out on the water.

I must say it felt great getting out their on the water for the first time this spring. We eventually rowed out to the spot and wet a few lines.

Members of My Fishing Cape Cod can view a map of the pond we were fishing, by clicking here.

Now trout can be a bit tricky to catch, but so much fun when you do. Ryan did manage to catch a beautiful Rainbow trout using a live shiner.

I heard a big splash behind me, and I did have a trout on the line for a little while. Unfortunately he got off (yes fishing works like that sometimes).

Ryan put together a video from the trip, which you can watch by clicking play below. 👇

Members of My Fishing Cape Cod can view a map of the pond we were fishing, by clicking here.

So Ryan and I were out their fishing, and having fun. Around 2:30pm we decided we should probably start rowing back.

I said I wanted to row, which was a big mistake. I took the oars and tried my best to bring us back to shore, but I felt like I was bringing us everywhere BUT the shore.

Eventually Ryan took over, and we managed to get back. And that folks was our fishing adventure for the day.

Members of My Fishing Cape Cod can view a map of the pond we were fishing, by clicking here.

Presenting At The Concord Rod & Gun Club

After fishing, Ryan and I drove up to Concord, Ma for another fishing talk. We dropped by Starbucks on the way up because we knew it was going to be a long night.

We drove a little past Boston to get out to our destination at the Concord Rod & Gun Club.

The club is a very cool place to give a talk, because the building is very rustic.

The club has animal heads as decorations and the ceiling lamps were in the "Old Western" style. It felt like being transported back to the Old West. 

Ryan and I gave our talk for the night. After it was done we made the long 2 hour hike back to the Cape.

Thank you to everyone at the Concord Rod & Gun Club for inviting Ryan and us up to speak. We had a great time.

Thanks for reading! 🎣

What do you think?

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Garet.

    1. How are you Doug B?

      I hope you have lots of luck fishing this summer. Also No problem for sharing

  2. Great trip and video Garet! I grew up on a pond in central MA, listening to you guys row brought back many fun memories! Thanks for the blog!

    1. Good day Leslie. I am glad i could bring back those fun memories. It was just so peaceful to be out their.

  3. Thank you Garet for the report, and your rowing demonstration.

    1. Thank you 2nd Dad. But if Ryan depended on me to get us back to shore the whole way. We would have missed our talk that night for sure.


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