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Angler Education: Pristine Striped Bass Habitats

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In this segment, we visit one of the Cape & Islands pristine coastline habitats. This clip originally aired during the March 14th episode of My Fishing Cape Cod TV.

Throughout Cape Cod and the Islands, there are places where nature is allowed to do her thing.

Pristine habitats like the one in this video are a sanctuary for striped bass and many other species. Places where the marine vegetation is allowed to grow freely, become hot spots for life.


This particular area of the Cape & Islands has probably not changed much over the last several hundred years. Pristine habitats may not be as abundant as they once were, but given enough time, any coastline can once again become a sanctuary for the fish we love to catch.

These "Angler Education" segments originally aired during commercial breaks of the 2020 season of My Fishing Cape Cod TV on NBC Sports Boston. To view full episodes of the tv show, please visit

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  1. The “Angler Education” segments are just beautiful! This a cool spot that you’ve talked about before. I am always trying to figure out where it is! Is this the spot where you were fishing from a ladder in the past? As always…thanks for a great TV show! Great job! Kudos the Lauren the fisherwoman!

    1. Capturing the beauty of nature is exactly what I was going for with the Angler Education segments. They are my favorite part of the show! Glad you are enjoying them. 🐟

      Yes this is pretty much the same spot as the ladder fishing segment, and I will let Lauren know you enjoyed her in the show. Maybe she’ll come out fishing more often now!


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