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780 Pound Giant Bluefin Tuna (On Video)

Jake Collins

I've been fishing since I was eight years old, however I still have a euphoric feeling after my son Ryan and I landed a 9 foot long, 780 pound giant tuna this past Friday.

I have been chasing giants rather unsuccessfully since my teenage years. I've caught plenty of cod, haddock, mackerel and stripers but giant tuna had always eluded me. 

The entire ordeal took several hours, yet all the highlights are recapped in the 8 minute video below. Please click play to watch. 

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Cuttyhunk Island | My Best Lesson

Jake Collins

My teaching career began many years ago. I was a young man being trusted to educate 7th graders at Plymouth Community Intermediate School. This task consumed me. 

I struggled during my first year to make Social Studies come alive. One of the units I taught was about local history.

We spent lots of time studying the history of the Cape and surrounding areas. This was very exciting to me but, sadly, not to my students.

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First Trip Of 2016 On The Miss Loretta

Jake Collins

I had my first fishing excursion of the year last week on Thursday May 5th, onboard our boat the Miss Loretta.

I still get very excited before a fishing trip, even though I have been boating and fishing for the past 55 years.

My family got our first boat in 1960. That special vessel was an 18 foot Lyman, and was also named the Miss Loretta after my mother, Loretta Collins.

The first Miss Loretta was a wooden boat. This meant my two brothers (Bob and Gip) and I, would have to work on it for hours, painting and sanding the boat each season. 

The maintenance on our current Miss Loretta is of course much easier. With a fiberglass hull there is no more chipping and painting. All we have to do nowadays is wash the boat down, bleach her and throw on a coat of wax.

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