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Behind The Scenes Of Episode #2 Of My Fishing Cape Cod TV

Doug Blanchard  

​It was late summer, and I was sitting in my office, when Ryan Collins sent me a message inquiring if I'd like to join him in shooting a fly fishing episode for the upcoming season of MFCC TV.

I immediately jumped at the opportunity to hit the water with Ryan and the MFCC TV film crew! After getting the OK from my wife, I was ready for the trek to the Lower Cape to sling flies at striped bass. 

After routine gear preparation, my tackle was in working order for any action we might encounter. The plan was to target an area Ryan and I had previously fished with much success during the Cheeky Schoolie Tournament.


Exploring Lower Cape Cod
During October

There are so many bonuses to being on the Cape during October, which is when this episode was filmed. The traffic is almost nonexistent, the weather is beautiful, and large schools of bass are on the feed, preparing for their migration south. 

Ryan and the MFCC TV crew from Hop Top Films picked me up late Sunday morning on October 1st, 2017. The lingering morning fog quickly burned off, and the sun was shining bright.

High tide was at 3:30pm, so we used the first few hours to film a few locations on Cape's backside beach. Shane and MFCC TV cinematographer Evan Schneider captured drone footage of the incredible landscapes. 

I was fascinated to watch these guys discuss camera angles, lighting, and general film shop—none of which I understood.

Far and away the most interesting aspect of the filming process was seeing them set up and maneuver this white spaceship-looking drone.

Their control of this futuristic technology was both entertaining and impressive!

Arriving At The Fishing Grounds

We arrived at the fishing grounds just before the most productive tide, which is 2 hours on either side of dead high. Within a few minutes I had my waders and stripping basket on, and was ready to make my way through the shoulder high eel grass to start casting.

As I started to walk toward the water, Shane called me back and politely informed me that cameras and microphones had to be set up before I could start fishing.

After setting up the microphones and cameras, we braced ourselves for the long hike ahead to Ryan's spot of choice. The hike wouldn't be an easy feat with plenty of fishing and camera gear in tow!

The last time I was here with Ryan, I was unfamiliar with the area. It was a chilly May morning, so we dressed warm and fought stiff winds. The long hike to the prime spot is also pretty taxing on the body. 

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  1. Great write up! Thanks for letting us in on behind the scenes. Video of the school was amazing.

    Congrats on the 30#!!

    1. Aren’t those schools something? Wild!

  2. Thanks and congratulations to all involved in the production of the episodes! They have been very enjoyable and educational. Here’s hoping they at least double your episodes for next year!

    1. Pumped you’re enjoying the episodes Chris!

      Looks like NBC will probably be signing us to a second season. They said the ratings are great!

  3. Doug looked great, can’t wait for the next episode. I could volunteer to carry stuff for the next shoot! Doug and I are in a business group together but most of the time we talk fly fishing and boating. That looked like a very special day. Thanks everyone.

    1. That’s awesome Richard! I will text Doug and let him know that you left a comment on this post. Thanks for reading and maybe we can get you to carry some of our camera equipment if NBC gives us a second season!

    2. Hey Rich! We’ll clock some hours this year bud!

  4. What type of drone is that? Great shots!

    1. Hey Adam, I believe that is the Phantom 4 from DJI. It’s a pretty sweet piece of equipment.

    2. I coulsnt tell you but unreal what they could do with that thing, Adam.

  5. Great video and fishing. Have walked that area and it took me a day to recover. So much work putting a show together. Thank you Doug and film crew.

    1. When will the strippers pass Dennis coming from Maryland? I want to be ready!!! LOL I want to get My Brother a Subscription to MFCC, His B-Day is March 17. He,s a real Fisherman from Ct, unlike Me ,A Rookie. He,s President of His Fishing Club. Thanks Dan

      1. You can expect the stripers to arrive in Dennis by mid-May. The schoolies usually show up first, followed by larger bass which usually arrive by Memorial Day.

        It would be terrific to have your brother onboard as a member. Sounds like he would probably enjoy being part of the community.

        Do you want to purchase a one-year membership for your brother?

        Let me know and I will get it setup. Thanks Daniel!

      2. I grew up and learned how to fish in Connecticut. Where is he from ? a membership to MFCC would be an awesome gift!

    2. It was a real pleasure to have an opportunity to do that with your son Jake. The numbers that it appears mfcc tv is doing is a Testament ryans hard work and dedication…. shanes as well.


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