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Fishing the Bass Assasin’ Paddle Tail in Cape Cod’s Kettle Ponds

Andrew Burke

Hello everyone! This is My Fishing Cape Cod intern Andrew Burke, checking-in with another freshwater video report. In this video report, we are going to talk about fishing soft plastic lures for wintertime trout.

The key to catching fish in cold water, is a slow retrieve speed and a very small lure. 

One such lure is a Bass Assasin' Paddle Tail on a 1/16oz jig head. Any small curly tail grub will work, but I've had great success with the Bass Assasin' soft plastics. 


The video below goes into more detail. Please keep in mind I filmed this video before the "deep freeze" hit Cape Cod, but you can certainly use this technique once the Cape's ponds thaw. 

Also, this video originally appeared on Falmouth Public Access TV during the month of December. ​If you live in Falmouth, be sure to check out my next public TV segment for January which will be airing soon!

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Andrew Burke just graduated with a bachelors degree in marketing from UMASS Amherst. Andrew is a Content Creator for My Fishing Cape Cod, and is also available for hire as a freelance videographer. He can be reached at

  1. Thanks for putting this video together Andrew

    1. My pleasure Ryan!

  2. Nice write up Andrew!

    1. Thanks Brian! Underrated lure for a wide variety of species.


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