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Brown Shark Fishing On Cape Cod From Boats

Ryan Collins

On the evening of Wednesday September 5th I met up with My Fishing Cape Cod members John Malloy and Shane Uriot, to do some shark fishing from my boat the Miss Loretta.

It was a picturesque late summer Cape Cod evening, with a refreshing southwest wind and beautiful sunset. I had a melancholic feeling in my gut, as I began to realize that fall (and stormier weather) is right around the corner.

By 6:00pm I had launched the boat, and the guys had all the sharking gear in order and ready to go. I put the engine in gear and began heading south through one of Cape Cod's most scenic and tranquil bays, en route to the brown shark grounds.


  1. I know that landing!
    Burgees look great!
    Vice Grips could be your next sponsor when shark fishing!

    1. Thanks for watching Dex!

  2. Interesting! Thanks Ryan, great job as always!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the video Leslie. Just another cool fishing opportunity here on Cape!


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