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How To Fish Metal Lip Lures For Striped Bass

The metal lip might just be the quintessential New England surfcasting plug.

Unlike needlefish plugs it’s near impossible to break metal lips down into any kind of nice and neat categories. 

There are simply too many different builders, each with their own styles, designs, unique action, capabilities and purpose. To really begin to understand the metal lip, the surfcaster honestly needs to put time on the water experimenting with, and fishing these plugs. 

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Trout Fishing Cape Cod’s Kettle Ponds (Full Episode)

ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

Back on September 19th, Danny Jones of The Goose Hummock caught his first trout of the year. You can see the post on Instagram here

Then on September 20th, My Fishing Cape Cod member Tim Mugherini started a new "Trout Time 2020-2021" thread here inside our forum.

Seeing this got me excited about fall trout fishing here on Cape Cod. After a hectic summer, autumn on Cape is a time for peace and solitude, and I can't think of a more peaceful activity than freshwater fishing. 

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8 Steps To Fishing The Cape Cod Canal With Kids

ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

Note from Ryan: This post was originally published in August of 2014. I figured now would be a good time to re-publish this post, because each week I receive messages from parents who want to take their kids fishing.

One way my Dad got me hooked on fishing was by taking me to the Cape Cod Canal on Sunday evenings when I was between the ages of 6 and 10 years old.

No we did not jig or plug for big stripers, but we did catch a ton of small bottom fish that kept me occupied and very engaged, despite my young age.

In this post I want to share with you 8 steps for fishing the Canal with young children. However be careful because you just may get the young kids in your life hopelessly addicted to fishing – which is exactly what happened to me!

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How To Fish Needlefish Lures For Striped Bass

needlefish for striped bass fishing on cape cod

Needles rank as one of the most versatile plugs in the surf casters arsenal, and they are simplistic in design.

For all intents and purposes, a needle is simply a weighted, tapered plug of wood or plastic, with no inherent or inbuilt action.

This lack of any existing action is what makes the needle so deadly, and so versatile as a surf plug. The angler has complete control over the plug, which means that needles can be a great choice in a variety of situations.

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Friday September 18th Cape Cod Fishing Report

Kevin Collins

Weekly Podcast Host

Welcome to another episode of the MFCC fishing report podcast. The north wind is howling right now on Cape Cod and the seas are rough.

However, the surfcasting and tuna fishing prior to the strong winds had been solid. In this podcast we get the latest reports from Ryan of MFCC, Phil Howarth of the Goose Hummock Shops, and Bruno Demir of Cape & Islands Mitsubishi.

In today's podcast we provide you with a full update on what's happening in the waters surrounding Cape Cod & the Islands. You'll hear about striper fishing, bluefin tuna fishing, fluke fishing and much more. Please scroll below for an overview, or click here to start listening now.

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Humpback Whales at the Regal Sword East of Chatham

ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

All this week I have been busy editing a giant tuna fishing episode for season #4 of My Fishing Cape Cod TV, which will air during the winter of 2021.

Today I wanted to share a sneak peek of humpback whales for My Fishing Cape Cod members to check out.

Locating "the life" is typically pretty important when tuna fishing east of Chatham. Usually you want to find the whales before putting your lines out. Often times the whales and tuna are feeding in the same spot.

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The Difference Between Striper & Albie Feeds

birds working over albies and stripers
ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

I filmed this video on September 14th in the evening. It was during the incoming tide in a cove in Buzzard's Bay.

You can tell by the water that this is more of a cove-type area, as opposed to say Monomoy where the water is crystal clear.

There's a few things going on in this video that I figured I would point out. The first is that we have stripers and albies feeding together, which is quite interesting. 

It's very difficult to tell what is what, but about midway through the video you'll see an arrow on the screen, which will direct you to a spot where an albie comes slashing through the water.

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Spin Fishing for Tuna (Full Episode)

ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

Over the past week I have seen photos and heard reports about school-size bluefin tuna being caught off Cape Cod.

During late summer and fall it's not uncommon at all to encounter young bluefin tuna in the 45-70 inch size class. 

I would never recommend using spinning tackle to catch a giant bluefin tuna. Giant tunas are just too big and too powerful. However, young school-size tunas can be a blast to catch on the spin.

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Surfcasting Cape Cod’s Fall Run | with Calvin Toran-Sandlin

Kevin Collins

Welcome to another edition of the My Fishing Cape Cod podcast!

This episode will be a great listen for anyone hoping to catch fish from the beach this fall on Cape Cod. We'll cover all sorts of surfcasting topics for finding and catching big stripers in the suds.

Today we interview Calvin Toran-SandlinCalvin is a passionate surfcaster who grew up in the town of Falmouth here on Cape Cod. 

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