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Cape Cod Brown Trout Fishing with MFCC Member Tim Mugherini

A Murphy Dam Brown

Ryan Collins

Cape Cod brown trout fishing is at its best during the colder weather months. Therefore fishing for brown trout on Cape Cod can be a great way to have fun during the offseason.

Brown trout can be caught using various methods, including bait fishing, fly fishing and casting artificial lures. Brown trout are an aggressive fish which commonly feed best at night.

Over the past couple of years I have watched inside our forum as our members share their own Cape Cod brown trout fishing reports, tips, tricks and words of advice. Today I am excited to share with you a brand new podcast all about Cape Cod brown trout fishing, with none other than MFCC member Tim Mugherini.

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Spicy Thai Coconut Fish Soup

Hello MFCC and happy holidays!  Today I wanted to share my recipe for Spicy Thai Fish Soup.  

It's a delicious blend of Thai flavors, with sweet coconut milk and perfectly tender fish, with the optional addition of egg noodles at the end for the ultimate cold weather comfort food.

In this recipe I used halibut, but you can sub it for another firm white fish like striped bass, or even use shrimp or chicken in place of the fish.  

It's a great cold weather recipe that's easy to make and tastes even better the next day (as do most soups!).

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Tuna Fishing Q&A with Captain Phil Howarth

Several months ago the crew from the Goose Hummock Shop in Orleans released an Intro to Tuna Fishing video on their YouTube channel.

Today they released another video which I feel will be very helpful for anyone interested in targeting tuna during the upcoming 2021 fishing season.

Earlier in the week, Jake from the Goose collected a bunch of tuna fishing questions from those who follow the Goose's Instagram page. Today the guys published an extensive 30 minute Q&A video with captain Phil answering many of the questions that were submitted.

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How to Catch Striped Bass when Everyone Else is Getting Skunked

ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

Note from Ryan: This post was originally published in March of 2013. Today I've gone ahead and re-published this article with updated information, videos, photos and links to additional helpful resources here on My Fishing Cape Cod.

In many Cape Cod fishing spots, you know if striped bass are being caught. That's because during the summer, certain Cape Cod fishing areas get so busy that a crowd of anglers (or a fleet of boats) can develop.

In these instances, you can easily see when someone's rod bends over.  If the fish are aggressive, you can learn how to catch striped bass by simply observing what other folks are doing.  

Yet often times just one or two boats catch fish, while everyone else in the fleet gets skunked.  The question then is, what in the world are those one or two boats doing differently than everyone else?

The rest of this post will help to answer that question. I've also included some personal stories and additional resources to help you become a better striped bass angler. 

Please read below to discover more! 👇

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3 Simple Tips For Catching Stripers From Shore On A Bucktail Jig

bucktail jigs for striper fishing from shore

I have fished for striped bass from shore using bucktail jigs for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, I would often cast bucktail jigs from the beaches of Cape Cod Bay before and after school.

Bucktail jigging is a technique that's been used on Cape Cod (and all around the world) for many years. The bucktail jig has literally been a staple "go-to" striper technique for generations.

This article was originally published here on My Fishing Cape Cod way back on May 28th of 2014, immediately after I returned home from this striper fishing trip. Today I wanted to re-publish this article with new information, videos, and links to other helpful resources about catching stripers from shore with bucktail jigs.

I really recommend always having at least one bucktail jig in your striper arsenal at all times! In this post I will share with you 3 simple tips for catching stripers from shore on an old classic - the bucktail jig.

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I Never Liked Bluefish, Until I Tried This Simple Recipe

ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

Note from Ryan: This recipe from Lauren was originally published in August of 2015. Today I updated this post with new information and links to other popular bluefish recipes - including the MFCC Bluefish "Cookbook" which you can download below. Enjoy!

Lauren Collins

Here’s something to wrap your head around – bluefish that tastes delicious!

I’ve never been a big fan of bluefish – their sharp teeth and oily, fishy and worst of all blue meat, make them less than desirable (at least for me).

For a long time Ryan and I have tried to figure out a simple and delicious way to cook bluefish without using mayonnaise. 

That's when one of our members here on My Fishing Cape Cod, Eric Meyer, shared with us his recipe for caramelized bluefish.

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Tube & Worm Trolling for Big Stripers with My Mom

big cape cod bay striped bass caught on tube and worm
ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

Back in September of 2018, my mom Kathy and I headed out onto Cape Cod Bay for a morning of tube and worm trolling.

During this trip I used my sonar to locate the schools, and then I trolled one tube and worm fished on lead core directly through the center of each school.

The majority of MFCC TV episodes are only available to members of My Fishing Cape Cod, but today I wanted to publicly share this episode so people who are not yet members could check it out.

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Fishing for Cod & Haddock with Bruno Demir

ryan collins my fishing cape cod breakfast

About one month ago I was browsing through the My Fishing Cape Cod members' forum when I came across a post from MFCC member and Cape & Islands Mitsubishi owner, Bruno Demir.

Bruno had just gotten in from a trip out east for cod and haddock. Bruno and his crew had done very well with steady action throughout the trip.

Seeing Bruno's post inspired me, so I decided to ask Bruno if he would be willing to share some details about fishing for cod and haddock in a new podcast. As I expected, Bruno was happy to share info and he jumped at the opportunity.

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Wind Knots – Causes & Solutions

Wind knots are a common issue that frustrate all levels of anglers. A wind knot refers to a tangle in the fishing line that prevents someone from casting and retrieving effectively.

Wind knots generally occur anytime you have line twist where the line going through the rod's tip is slower than the line coming out of the spool. 

On a day perfect for fishing, wind knots can take a long time to untangle and end up spoiling all the fun. Not to mention, you might end up cutting a lot of line, which can cause line wastage.

Recently inside the MFCC forum, several members of My Fishing Cape Cod posted their theories for what causes wind knots, as well as solutions for avoiding them. 

The rest of this post summarizes the awesome tips and advice contributed by our members. 🎣

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Stormy-Day Dartspin Fishing for Striped Bass on Cape Cod

dartspin fishing for striped bass

Since it hit the market a couple years ago, the Dartspin has proven to be a popular and effective lure for striped bass.

The dart spin is an ultra-durable soft plastic lure. I am not sure what type of material the lure is made out of, but I have been told it can even withstand small bluefish.

I filmed this video on May 15th, 2019. The video originally appeared on the membership side of Today, I finally decided to share this video on YouTube, so non-members could check it out.

Conditions on this day were cold and wet with a brisk 25mph breeze out of the east - which I think got the bass biting. Please click play below to watch now!👇

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