July 11 2022

Cod Fishing Out East

by Edward Kooyomjian

Yesterday I started in earnest what I call my ‘combo’ trips. As more of a weekend angler with my family and friends, at this time of the year I launch at 5am at Stage Harbor and chase Stripers and Blues out off Monomoy

After a couple hours a choice is made to either fluke fish or head east for Cod and Haddock. These trips are almost always made with my brother, Mark, a jigging fanatic, and my son Jack. Yesterday my niece, Catherine, also came with us. She started fishing with Mark and I when she was maybe 10 years old, and she is a great angler. I love having her along whenever she can come, especially now that she has her own life obligations.

Yesterday, with the north wind and fluke reports being a bit sparse, I had a hunch to go east. It paid off. You can find Cod in various points East of Chatham, north and south, as well in a variety of depths. The key for me is finding a live bottom with a reef, wreck, contour, structure and current.

About the author 

Edward Kooyomjian

Eddy 's been fishing Monomoy for the last 15 yrs. He's a regular contributor inside our forum, sharing updates and tips on a variety of subjects. Recently Eddy began selling his bottom fish rigs which have become popular on MFCC. His company is Monomoy Tackle.

  • Hi Ed, I have tried numerous times over the years to find cod east of monomoy and chatham with no luck, can I asked how far off shore are you going?
    thanks, Art

    • Francis,
      The heavy restrictions on keeping cod are in the Gulf of Maine in what is considered to be north of Cape Cod. East and South of Cape Cod the regulations are ten fish per person. There are detailed maps that outline the areas.

      In the Gulf of Maine in recent years there actually is a window to keep one fish per person in one or two months out of the year. Those windows are specifically listed in the regulations but by and large the GOM is considered to be basically no retention.

    • Stephen, simple definitely worked better on his day. My brother Mark fished a jig only. No teaser at all all day.

      I like the teaser option but the rigs are simple. The silicone and grub give it all the action needed on the rise and fall.

  • Awesome post Eddy! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom and passion! Caught my first (and only so far) cod up here in Boston Harbor a few weeks ago, by accident on a sabiki rig while trying to get mac’s. My friend and charter guide Vinny Simeone (Stormbuster Charters) informed me of the reg’s and it went back. Still fun to catch and see and hold.
    Love that your family is dialed in. Something about apples falling near the the tree…?!? 😉 Tight lines!

    • Todd,
      Thank you for the kind words. Catching cod on a sabiki is actually more common than one might think. Cod are mixed with macs quite a bit and will eat them whole if they can catch one.

      It is a family affair for us. Thanks for reading and if you have questions on cod fishing or rigs please let me know.

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