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Cuttyhunk Island Fishing Report | July 2020

Kevin Collins

Weekly Podcast Host

Cuttyhunk is a small island at the westernmost tip of the Elizabeth Islands. The cliffs of Aquinnah at Martha's Vineyard are visible from Cuttyhunk's southern shoreline.

This small little island is full of character, peace and quiet, and fishing opportunities. Last week a group of anglers from My Fishing Cape Cod surfcast the rocky coast of Cutty, and in today's podcast we'll cover what they encountered and experienced.

This podcast was recorded on Thursday July 23rd, and it will be a great listen for anyone interested in learning more about Cuttyhunk Island. We talk plenty about the island's fishing opportunities, but we also cover accomodations, how to get to the island, and much more.


Janet Messineo

In this episode we chat with Janet Messineo. Janet is a die hard surfcaster from Martha's Vineyard, and author of her new book Casting Into The Light. This was Janet's second surfcasting trip to Cuttyhunk.

Ned Bean

We also catch up with My Fishing Cape Cod member Ned Bean, who is also a die hard surfcaster. Ned primarily fishes the shoreline of Martha's Vineyard, but he can also be found at Cuttyhunk and Block Island. 

Topics covered in this podcast include:

  • Updates on how the fishing was at Cuttyhunk last week
  • Lures and techniques that worked best
  • Tides and how they affected the fishing
  • Additional equipment worth using at Cuttyhunk (korkers, wet suit etc.)
  • Accomodations and getting to the island

To listen to this week's podcast, please click play below ?

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  1. Great podcast. Very informational. I have fished Cuttyhunk with my brother from his boat. Surfcasting Cuttyhunk sounds like it would be an incredible experience! I have read Janet’s book, loved it! Thanks!

    1. Leslie – Thanks so much for the feedback! Ned and Janet were absolute professionals both fishing and podcasting. Thank you so much for listening and commenting!

  2. Great pod cast! Keep up the good work!

    I read Janet’s book last year when I was on the Cape and couldn’t put it down. Great story.

    Nice intel on Cuttyhunk for future trip.

    Thanks all and see you next month!

    1. Brian – Thanks so much for the kind comments! It means a lot! We will do our best to keep the informational podcasts coming! Hope you can make it to Cutty soon! Thanks for your continued support of the podcasts!

  3. Great report. Cuttyhunk is a great place to visit in the off season too.

    1. Jake, my favorite of your Cuttyhunk photos is Katelyn crawling up the road to the top of the hill. Looks like she was about 2 years old. Probably chasing after big brother Ryan!

      1. Those were some fun times! Lots of great memories at Cuttyhunk Island. I’m sure many people reading this can relate. ?

        Here’s that photo you were alluding to Dex. lol
        cuttyhunk island

        Here’s another of the Cuttyhunk one room school house. Most of these kids are from my dad’s middle school on a class trip (the Cuttyhunk school only had 1 or 2 students at the time).
        cuttyhunk one room school house

      2. Those were wonderful years.

    2. Thanks for listening Uncle Jake!

  4. Janet is a natural! Hearing her on the Podcast is just like listening to her in person! Such a delightful woman!
    Now everyone can see why I am so blessed to have Ned as my friend and fishing partner. So knowledgeable and gifted in figuring out what we are seeing in front of us on the beach.

    1. Great podcast!
      Thanks all. I think Ned was my science teacher at The Peddie School in the nineties. Was that you Ned? Love to catch up and fish sometime. Thanks again for all the Cuttyhunk intel all!
      -Tim Costello

      1. Thanks for listening Tim! Ned is a man of many talents. Glad you enjoyed the Cutty experience via podcast!

    2. Thanks again for all your help Dex. This awesome podcast would not have been possible without you! Thanks for helping us make it happen and more importantly thanks for listening 🙂


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