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Stormy-Day Dartspin Fishing for Striped Bass on Cape Cod

Since it hit the market a couple years ago, the Dartspin has proven to be a popular and effective lure for striped bass.

The dart spin is an ultra-durable soft plastic lure. I am not sure what type of material the lure is made out of, but I have been told it can even withstand small bluefish.

I filmed this video on May 15th, 2019. The video originally appeared on the membership side of Today, I finally decided to share this video on YouTube, so non-members could check it out.

Conditions on this day were cold and wet with a brisk 25mph breeze out of the east - which I think got the bass biting. Please click play below to watch now!👇


Video timestamps:

  • 00:00 - gear and tackle overview
  • 00:50 - information and tide and current
  • 02:00 - dart spin retrieve (underwater footage of dart spin in action)
  • 04:00 - second bass, plus information about how bass hold in current
  • 08:15 - another nice striper!
  • 10:40 - some tips for finding stripers using Google Earth
  • 12:30 - biggest bass of the trip!
  • 13:30 - closing tips and advice for finding stripers from shore

What do you think?

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  1. I fished almost exclusively with DartSpins this last year. It was very effective. I did find color mattered. The Chartreuse and White seemed to do the best. This has become my prospecting plug at this point.. Always use it to find the fish – then switch off to other options to experiment. Never even knew of the lure until I saw it on MFCC.

    1. Good to hear Steve! And thank you for sharing the color tip about white/chartreuse being the most effective. The Dartspin is definitely a great scouting lure. I hope all is well and tight lines! 🎣

  2. what size was that dartspin you used?

    1. Hey Brian, I was using the white ghost 5.5 inch Dartspin pro.

    2. Went out to Brewster flats last summer trying to find some striper. No luck but determined to keep at it come spring and tap into some other variety. What beach is this?


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