June 14 2022

Drunken Quahogs with Ramen Noodles

by Lauren Collins

It's been a while since my last recipe post, but I'm back and ready to share a new meal that Ryan and I can't get enough of.  This recipe is the epitome of comfort food, mixed with a local favorite - quahogs! 

Drunken Quahogs with Ramen gets its name from the saké (or any Asian cooking wine) that is mixed into the broth. Also included in the broth is fresh ginger, garlic, scallions, Thai chiles and jalapenos.

All these ingredients mix perfectly with the salty, slightly chewy ramen noodles.  

Drunken Quahogs with Ramen is a recipe I adapted from Bon Appetit and I thank them for the inspiration. This is a very easy recipe and I'm excited to share it with you today on My Fishing Cape Cod!

To download and/or print the recipe please click here or on the image below. 👇

The rest of this blog post will include the story behind our first attempt at Drunken Quahogs with Ramen. Included below are photos and additional helpful tips and words of advice. 

I'll also cover how Ryan harvested the quahogs along with guidance from Richard Banks, who's been a member of My Fishing Cape Cod since 2013.

About the author 

Lauren Collins

Through the eyes of a fishermans' wife, I'm excited to share my cooking and photography with you here on MFCC. You can learn more about cooking, and get more recipes by visiting my website Creatively Delish.

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