October 4 2021

This Is What It’s Like To Fish Cape Cod During October


This article was originally published on October 19, 2015. It was last updated on October 4th 2021

There is no telling what you might encounter fishing Cape Cod during October!

Yesterday morning I explored and fished many miles of Cape coastline. I had the entire day to myself, so I figured why not go exploring and check out some spots I have not fished in a long time.

By 9am I had already explored several miles of beach and bay, and I had fished an inlet, without so much as seeing a fish. However that all changed in a big way when I noticed adult pogies hugging the shoreline.


"Gator" Bluefish Chasing Pogies

If you've already read my Alligator Bluefish report then you know what happened.

I hustled down the beach to investigate the pogies, and this is what ensued...

*Members of My Fishing Cape Cod can learn where I was fishing by clicking here.

That bluefish gave me renewed energy and hope for a productive day of fishing!

Now all I needed to do was find some striped bass.

"Could there be any huge bass trailing these pogies?" is what I remember saying to myself.

Searching for October Stripers

After releasing that big bluefish I realized I had an interesting opportunity at hand. I quickly cut off my magic swimmer and tied on a big treble hook.

I figured a live pogie would be tough for any big striper to pass up...

*Important: anglers fishing for striped bass using live or dead bait in Massachusetts must now use an in-line circle hook

Incredibly I could not hook up using the live pogie! Perhaps the fish in the above video that was hitting the pogie was just too small to swallow that big bait.

I'm not really sure but I faced the hard fact that there did not appear to be any big bass in the area. The bluefish had also moved on.

It was time for me to search out greener pastures.

A Bass on Every Cast

I left the beach around 12 noon en route to a Panera Bread. Not only was I hungry, but I figured I would write up the Alligator Bluefish report and upload  it to MFCC using Panera Bread's wifi connection.

After engulfing a sandwich and uploading the report I hit the beach. However this time I decided to try a new area, to see if I could locate some stripers.

I started my trek along this new stretch of coastline, and not more than 15 minutes into my walk I spotted the blitz. Dozens upon dozens of gulls and terns filled the sky, with what I presumed were either bass or bluefish feeding beneath them.

Dozens of birds were working over blitzing bass. What a great sight!

Only issue was these fish were on the opposite side of a bay! If I had a boat or kayak I could of been there in a heartbeat, but in my truck getting to the blitz would require a 30 minute drive.

I ran back to the truck and was quickly en route to an area I have never fished. If it was not for the Google Earth app on my iPhone I never would have found the access point.

I hopped out of the truck and walked briskly through a path in the woods.

This was my first time utilizing this old dirt road for fishing access.

I exited the woods and was greeted by incredible scenery, autumn colors and striped bass galore!

It was a "fish every cast" type scenario with bass busting on peanut bunker all around me. The birds were going crazy and the bass were going bonkers.

The stripers weren't big but I didn't care. During October I cherish every blitz because I never know which one may be my last!

October striped bass in a cape cod bay

I ended up enjoying a terrific night of striped bass fishing. To watch a video recapping the experience, please click here.

Do you plan on getting out fishing a lot this October? Do you have any questions? LMK by commenting below!

*Members of My Fishing Cape Cod can access more photos of the area fished by clicking here. Members can also access a map of the bay I fished during this trip by going here.

What do you think?

Let me know by commenting below.

About the author 

Ryan Collins

I'm fortunate to have grown up on the beach, and I've been fishing since kindergarten. I have great family, friends and fishing experiences to be thankful for. Just being out there is enough-catching fish is just a bonus!

  • Ryan
    Great video. Just took a quick break from office work to watch and now REALLY looking forward to practicing my cast and retrieve this long weekend, with the goal of ending my dry spell of no fish on… Yet!
    I’m sure I will run into someone from MFCC along the beaches.

    • Sounds good Jon! I really hope you find some fish out there this weekend. I know the canal has been good the past few mornings too, if you want to give that a try. Let me know how it goes!

  • I would love a blog/tutorial on the different types of bait fish. I wish I knew what I’m looking at when I see it. Also, all the names are confusing.

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