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Speed Trolling for Big Bluefish

During the fall on Cape Cod big fat bluefish often invade places inside Cape Cod Bay, the canal, and along the Outer Cape.

Below is footage from recent "speed trolling" for bluefish trips I went on with my dad on September 22 and 23. 👇


If you look close at the video above, you may notice that the bluefish bit the Magic Swimmer once we increased the speed of the troll from 3-4mph to 5-6mph. 

Speed trolling for bluefish works whether you are trolling Magic Swimmers, hootchies or other artificial baits.

To learn more about this bluefish trip, and to watch more drone footage of bluefish attacking Magic Swimmers, members of My Fishing Cape Cod can click here.

Tight lines! ?

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  1. It must be wonderful living on the East coast with all the great fisheries at your doorstep. Living in California, 150 miles from the coast does’nt give me the opportunities that I would like to have as you do, maybe one day I will travel across the country and experience the pleasures you have daily. Enjoy your fishing and Tight Lines.

    1. Thanks for the comment Kenneth. We are certainly blessed with great fishing opportunities here on Cape Cod. I can only imagine how much better the fishing here must of been 1,000 years ago! Based off what I’ve read it was a lot better back then, lol. Let me know if you ever travel out this way. Happy to help if I can. 🎣

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